For the Love of Iced Coffee Ebook

By | November 7, 2019

For the Love of Iced Coffee Ebook

And finally, this is my new Iced Coffee Book. Interested in making iced coffee this summer? You will have to read “For the Love of Iced Coffee Ebook”…

For the Love of Iced Coffee Ebook

This ebook will teach you:

  • how to make iced coffee;
  • basic iced coffee recipes;
  • includes some wonderful readers’ recipes that are a little more exotic; and
  • find out what to buy, what to avoid, and what to try.

There’s a trove of stuff that will help you discover the real treasure: For the Love of Iced Coffee.

The contents are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Let’s Make Iced Coffee
  • Chapter 2: Yes You Can Make It & What You Need
  • Chapter 3: Top Ten Iced Coffee Readers’ Recipes
  • Chapter 4: Cold Brew Coffee: Coffee to Chill!
  • Chapter 5: Iced Coffee Calories Loaded
  • Chapter 6: Now for Something Exotic
  • Chapter 7: Little Tips & Suggestions

Here’s the blurb to entice you and the cover, too!

In “For the Love of Iced Coffee”, explore the many of variations that have evolved in this refreshing drink; find recipes, tips & methods to make great iced coffee at home; and learn how to prepare, serve and enjoy the real iced coffee. Enjoy!


clip_image002At, learn how to buy the best coffee beans, make the best possible drinks from whatever machine or method you use, and enjoy yourselves, too! You’ll also find the best tips for making coffee, as well as lots of advice on top quality coffee makers, readers’ suggestions and much much more… So there’s lots to discover, lots to learn, lots to drink, and even lots to share with your friends.

To purchase the book now, please click the following link: Buy “For the Love of Iced Coffee” eBook Now


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