7 Reasons to Buy “For the Love of Iced Coffee Ebook”

By | November 7, 2019

Lots of people love making coffee for their friends & family. It's for you, your friends & your loved ones that I write this book! I dedicate in the hopes that I can make your summers more delightful, more refreshing...

For the Love of Iced Coffee Ebook

PurelyCoffeeBeans introduces my new Iced Coffee Book. Interested in making iced coffee this summer? You will have to read "For the Love of Iced Coffee Ebook"...

For the Love of Iced Coffee Ebook

This ebook will teach you:

  • how to make iced coffee;
  • basic iced coffee recipes;
  • includes some wonderful readers' recipes that are a little more exotic; and
  • find out what to buy, what to avoid, and what to try.

There's a trove of stuff that will help you discover the real treasure: For the Love of Iced Coffee.

FYI: buying a product from a link on PurelyCoffeeBeans.com may earn me a small commission. Sincere thanks for your support!

The chapter contents are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Let's Make Iced Coffee
  • Chapter 2: Yes You Can Make It & What You Need
  • Chapter 3: Top Ten Iced Coffee Readers' Recipes
  • Chapter 4: Cold Brew Coffee: Coffee to Chill!
  • Chapter 5: Iced Coffee Calories Loaded
  • Chapter 6: Now for Something Exotic
  • Chapter 7: Little Tips & Suggestions

Here’s the blurb to entice you and the cover, too!

In “For the Love of Iced Coffee”, explore the many of variations that have evolved in this refreshing drink; find recipes, tips & methods to make great iced coffee at home; and learn how to prepare, serve and enjoy the real iced coffee. Enjoy!

I'd love you to read my extract from the book.

Chapter 1: Let's Make Iced Coffee

This is where we learn how to make iced coffee. And no wonder...!

Goodness! It's hot here! 36C and 37C at the high points, so there's nothing so refreshing as an iced coffee made well; nothing so disgusting as one that's made badly! Who wants that?!

Refreshingly icy, strong and delicious flavors, served the way you want!

I'm so pleased to be writing this book so you can find out:

• how to make great tasting iced coffee,
• how to save money making it at home, and
• share my love for this delicious & refreshing drink!

Lastly, I hope that you can come join me at PurelyCoffeeBeans.com where I write about all things coffee.

But first, I want you to know the "Secret of Iced Coffee"! It’s no longer a secret! You won’t just find it at Starbucks! Lots of places serve it these days!

Around the world, many countries have invented their own way to enjoy coffee as a chilled drink for warmer climes and hotter times. Let's take a quick look:

• In Italy caffe freddo is popular; espresso is put in a freezer until it turns to slush and is served on hot days.

• In Greece the coffee is prepared as a Frappe, blended with an electric hand mixer so that it has a foamy top. Other cold coffee drinks popular in Greece are cappuccino freddo and espresso.

• In Australia, where it's been served and sold commercially since the late 1800's, it comes in syrup form. In fact, iced coffee outsells the most popular cola drink in Australia and its sales figures come close to those of beer.

• In Chile, it is called Helado. Coffee powder or espresso is combined with cream, cinnamon and vanilla, sugar and often ice cream flavored with ground almonds. Although it sounds like a heavy, filling drink it is very refreshing and nearly everyone drinks it at least once a day in the summertime.

• India has its own cold coffee drink which consists of instant coffee blended with cold milk. Israel's drinkers enjoy a type of "slushie" which uses coffee, crushed ice, sugar and milk.

Secret to Great Coffee

Many other countries also prepare iced coffee, including Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and more.

However it is made, the common factors are: good coffee and generous proportions of ice. Then there’s an added dash – generous spoonful of sweetness!

It’s Natural!

And it’s easy to understand why, in summer, iced coffee is one treat that is always welcome on a hot and sultry day.

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