Follow Up: Natural Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee

By | September 27, 2019

It’s not often I get follow up to Reader’s Questions: but with the recent question about Yuban Coffee decaffeination process, I received some follow up from Anthony explaining water process decaffeinated coffee. He writes:

Just placed an order with Rogers Directly through their Website. The prices are actually cheaper through them as opposed to Amazon.

Your diligence on my behalf is greatly appreciated and I will follow up with a taste review after my order has been received and sampled by me,

Thank you again,

Then a few days later, he wrote with his comments about Rogers Direct coffee beans.

I did want to follow up with you as far as the Roger’s Decaf you found and recommended for me in regards to my concerns… I can not thank you enough, as the coffee is excellent. I am still configuring my own personal strength level, although even too weak and t0o strong, the coffee was still fresh, not bitter and crisp tasting.

My purchase was for a 3lb. bag of the San Francisco Bay Decaf Colombian Supremo Coffee – SUPER Value-sized, 3 lb. Bag.

The price was extremely reasonable for the quality of this brand @ around $20.00 for the 3 lb. bag… and by ordering (2) 3 lb. bags, Rogers shipped it free. The packages where delivered promptly and extremely well put together for freshness as well as marked “100 % Water Processed“.

Again, thanks, hope this helps someone in the future seeking an excellent Natural Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee at an extremely reasonable price.

Best Regards,

So it seems that while not every mass market brand of decaffeinated coffee is processed using this method, you can still find natural water processed decaffeinated coffee brands. Add Rogers & Co (also branded as San Francisco Bay Coffee Co.) to your shopping list, please! It seems that they do provide good coffee. If you prefer, you can order direct (see the link below) or via Amazon.

And thanks, Anthony! I wish you lots of happy coffee drinking!


PS. By the way, I’d check before ordering from Amazon if I were you. The coffee may or may not be cheaper. I couldn’t find equivalent weights when I last checked Amazon. Of course, your shipping choices may also affect the final prices. Let me know.

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