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Finding good quality coffee makers and other equipment can be hard, but with PurelyCoffeeBeans experience, I’ll provide you with insight to help you choose the best you can for your experience, situation, and budget.

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Without considering these three factors, you could end up wasting a lot more money and drinking sub-optimal coffee. I wouldn’t want that to happen to the worst of my enemies!!! Trust me! Bad coffee isn’t worth it, even if you are Donald Trump. So how do you choose? Well…

What is your coffee maker experience?

What coffee makers have you owned before? What is prompting you to change? What kind of coffee do you drink now? What are your coffee aspirations?

What is your coffee maker situation?

Are you making coffee for one or for a family? Is the kitchen where you usually brew your coffee? How much space do you have? How much time do you have for making coffee? What kind of coffee makers do you currently possess?

What is your budget for coffee makers?

Actually, this question needs to be taken in context with the others… If you save a big budget for a machine that’s completely inappropriate, or its operation incurs unforeseen expenses (like K-cups). If you buy a cheaper machine that can’t handle the volume, because you need to brew for the entire office.

There are so many situations in which choosing the wrong coffee makers can make your purchase a regret! I seriously want you to have the best coffee filled experience. Let’s hope I can help you!

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