Needing a Jolt of Coffee: Finding Third Wave Coffee in Taipei!

By | November 28, 2019

Third Wave Coffee in Taipei

PurelyCoffeeBeans reckons you don’t have to be without your Third Wave Coffee in Taipei! That’s true even if it’s 7a.m. and it’s already fricking hot outside, you really don’t need to be struggling to make your coffee! One of the joys of living in Taipei means you can rediscover your love of coffee beans, take part in the dynamic coffee environment in Taipei, and enjoy great local coffee!

Early morning in the coffee shop!

Table of Contents

  • Find Third Wave coffee
  • Art of Grinding – part 2
  • What’s in that hopper? – part 2
  • Buy local – part 2
  • Coffee Making Methods – part 2
  • Conclusion

I. Finding Third Wave Coffee in Taipei

The arrival of coffee shops like Cama Coffee, Louisa Coffee, Willbeck and Zhanlu Coffee has brought good third wave coffee even closer to homes and workplaces. For coffee lovers like yourself, better drinks, better prices, better products, and better locations are only a short trip away. We’ll take a look at some of the roasters who are roasting, blending and brewing your next cup of Third Wave Coffee in Taipei.

i. Cama Coffee (cama現烘咖啡)

You may recognize its distinctive cream yellow color, cute cartoon statue, Cama Coffee has made a real impact on Taipei’s coffee scene. Their relentless pursuit of quality roasting and brewing has brought them awards and recognition for their Italian and Pomona Blends by Coffee Review and for their drinks.

Shot of Cama Coffee roasters brewers

Shot of the famous Cama Coffee Character outside one of the many Cama Coffee Shops in Taiwan

When you visit their stores, you’re see the coffee roaster churning, a barista noting details of the roast or sorting by hand each and every coffee bean. The divine aroma of their signature roast wafts through the air. You’ll be able to buy a consistently excellent drink whichever branch you go to. And you’ll also find coffee beans, coffee making equipment, and a source of great advice.

Locations: All over Taipei
Prices: $ affordable
For sale: Coffee & Equipment
Website: Cama Cafe

ii. Louisa Coffee (路易莎咖啡)

Branches of Louisa coffee shop have popped up all over the city in the past two years. The coffee shop is recognizable with its orange and white logo of a silhouette lady. The stores come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you should find a place to sit at the bigger locations.

Street view of Louisa Coffee Shop in Tamsui

Street view of Louisa Coffee Shop in Tamsui

Louisa Coffee has brewed its way into the stomachs of people all over with its large range of flavored Latte drinks, specialty hand-brewed coffee, sandwiches or bagels, and a rather tasty selection of baked goods. Staff assure me that the baked goods are handmade at their kitchens. For the home coffee lover, there’s also a decent selection of freshly roasted coffee as well as a small selection of coffee tools.

Locations: All over Taipei
Prices: $ affordable
For sale: Coffee & Some Equipment
Website: Louisa Cafe

iii. Willbeck (威爾貝克手烘咖啡)

Willbeck’s coffee shop is also becoming a popular choice. But with fewer locations than either Louisa or Cama, you’ll have to travel a little to find a store. Very much a coffee-to-go place, their unique selling point is that their coffee is really well-made.

Willbeck Coffee Shop

Willbeck Coffee Shop in Taipei Station

Wilbeck Coffee Beans on sale

They sell a range of coffee drinks, as well as a decent selection of coffee beans including: Colombia Snow Cap, Ethiopian Djimmah, Kirimara Estate Coffee from Kenya.

Wow! Does Wilbeck make a great cappuccino! Nice Italian style espresso, topped with well-steamed milk & froth. Top notch! I have lots more at Instagram. So join me!

Locations: Five Taipei locations incl. #26-7 Xinyang Street, Taipei City
Prices: $ affordable
For sale: Coffee & Some Equipment
Website: Wilbeck Coffee

iv. Zhan Lu Coffee (湛盧咖啡)

Zhanlu Coffee shops, though fewer, occupy a higher end place in the market. It’s quite a treat to sit in and have coffee hand poured at your table. Zhanlu strives to craft its own in-house blends and brands itself as a premium coffee shop.

Zhan Lu Coffee Shop in Taipei

With so many blends on sale, first choosing a roast (light, medium or dark) or region (Central America, Africa or Asia) or a price range (upto NT$500, NT$500~1000 or NT$1000~1500) will make your selection process much easier.

Locations: Six locations in Taipei, including #2, Lane 284, Roosevelt Road, Section 3, Taipei City. (台北市中正區羅斯福路3段284巷2號)
Prices: $$~$$$ more expensive ~ premium
For sale: Coffee & Equipment
Website: Zhanlu Coffee

v. Fika Fika Cafe

Fika Fika Coffee is a Swedish style coffee roaster and cafe with only one location. It brings a Scandinavian sensibility to coffee in Taipei, with its emphasis on Arabica-based espresso. It’s a true coffee shop with topnotch equipment and coffee too match. For the home front, there aren’t so many choices but you will find the quality well worth the purchase, especially if you enjoy espresso.

Location: #33, Yitong Street, Taipei City. (台北市伊通街33號)
Prices: $$~$$$
For sale: Coffee, desserts, snacks, and coffee beans
Website: Fika Fika Cafe

vi. Moreway Coffee (摩威咖啡館)

This store is a personal favorite for its range of coffee, stock of coffee equipment, and its personable owner. There is only one location in Tienmu but it’s well worth the trip. It started out life as a restaurant, like the owner of Cama Coffee, but slowly evolved into a coffee specialist with its in-house coffee roasting.

The owner loves to roast and retail a wide range of coffee from their own House blend or Italian roast to a fine selection of regional varieties, such as Colombian or Guatemalan. He also roasts more expensive Indian Malabar, Panama Geisha. It is all freshly roasted.

Location: #2, Lane 21, Huangsi Street, Taipei City. (台北市磺溪街21巷2號)
Prices: $$~$$$
For sale: Coffee, coffee beans, coffee equipment
Website: Facebook/摩威咖啡

vii. San Coffee (森高砂咖啡館)

In the meantime, you can find some excellent (if expensive) coffee from around the island at the San Coffee, a representative of the local Third Wave Coffee in Taipei. 

San Coffee (森高砂咖啡館) is located at . It’s near the Dihua Shopping Area, so a trip there can easily be combined with a fine coffee! I should really add it to my recent post about cafes in Taipei! With an impressive array of coffee grown around the island, I counted more than a dozen different locales.

Most coffee here is sold as drip, and prices are relatively more expensive because, for the most part, supplies are quite restricted. I don’t think they blend with cheaper imported coffee… but ask. Roasts tend to be lighter towards medium roast (not Starbucks medium, by any means). Staff are knowledgeable and informative about their coffees, but there is a relatively high minimum spend. Good environment for introducing yourself to local coffee (and local tastes) as many Google reviewers mention! Enjoy!

Location: #1, Section 2, Yanping North Road, Datong District, Taipei City, 103. (103台北市大同區延平北路二段1號)
Prices: $$~$$$
For sale: Coffee drinks and edibles, coffee beans, coffee equipment
Website: SanCoffee/TW

Kenneth Dickson started drinking cappuccino at Luvian’s Coffee Shop thirty years ago and hasn’t stopped drinking, making and writing about coffee ever since. Kenneth loves drinking Third Wave Coffee in Taipei, in fact it is becoming his coffee heaven! This article first appeared in “Centered on Taipei” February, 2017. It has been adapted, updated, and presented here for coffee lovers in Taipei! 😀