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Most people know how to make the perfect coffee in the morning, but not everyone knows how to get the best cup of coffee possible. It’s not difficult to make great coffee but it does require three factors:

1. The finest quality coffee beans

The most important part of how to make a coffee drink of the finest quality is the coffee bean itself. You’ll notice a huge difference in your coffee when you grind the beans at home yourself. The fresher the beans are ground, the more taste you will notice in your cup!

2. It’s in the coffee grinder

So to get the most flavor out of your beans you need a burr grinder, which grinds the beans consistently finely and is much quieter than a blade grinder. The burr grinders also generate less friction on the beans and, from my own taste tests, do seem to produce a much richer flavor. Burr grinders start at about $50 and will last for years.

3. Let’s get brewing coffee

Now that you’ve insured you have the best and freshest beans and control over the grinding, it’s time to look at four of the most popular brewing methods: French press, percolators, drip coffee makers, and espresso machines.

Now you know how to make the perfect coffee that is the simply the best coffee you’ve ever had. You’ll notice and love the difference! Perhaps you’ll even wonder what you’ve been drinking all these years.

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