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How to Make Latte At Home Without An Espresso Maker

Knowing how to make latte at home helps you avoid the often expensive caffe latte in coffee shops across the land! It’s a price tag that will set you back $3.00 and more per cup. Can you imagine how much you would save if you decided to make latte at home over a year…? Do the math!

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How to make latte with a little art!
Caffe Latte

In fact, the latte factor is often cited as the reason people can’t cut down on their budget: they have to have their coffee. But, fellow coffee lovers, are you really going to let a little coffee latte habit stand between you and financial liberation?

How to Make Your Own Coffee Latte

Really, of course not! Because you can easily, affordably and quickly learn to how to make latte at home! The best way to circumvent the Latte factor is to make your own latte. The ingredients are relatively inexpensive, especially if you buy in bulk. After all, what do you need to make a latte, apart from espresso!

Latte Ingredients

Simply coffee, water & milk. Latte making can be very fun because there are so many options available to add that wonderful nuance to your cup. The best tip out there is to be creative. What’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t like it, try again. Now you can even add a little more exotic flavorings to your coffee for only a little extra in costs.

Special Latte Ingredients

Some wonderful ingredients for that special latte include pumpkin, cinnamon and chocolate syrup, but some other, less popular choices are honey and cookies. There are no wrong options. Just make sure that you choose a decent espresso coffee beans. Then heat the milk and turn your creativity loose. Your taste buds will thank you later.

Making Coffee Latte: Factor in a little effort

There are many ways to make the coffee you crave without indulging in the latte factor. We’ve already looked at using an espresso maker to make latte at home, but there in this article I’ll introduce to four other ways to make the espresso shot that work just as well.

The Moka Pot Way

Making a latte with moka pot espresso at home is easy—all one needs is a little Moka pot—the little Italian espresso machine, used on the stove top. Microwave the milk and voila! A latte! Just brew the espresso according to the directions on the Moka pot, being careful to watch it and never leaving it unattended.

Pull the Moka pot off the heat when espresso is brewed, heat milk in a microwavable cup. Flavor with hazelnut or vanilla syrup after this heating—I wouldn’t heat the syrup, but it is probably at room temperature already—and then, add the espresso. For more information on making coffee in the moka pot, just click here.

The French Press

The French Press is the most flexible way to make all kinds of coffee, and should turn out a decent cup of espresso style coffee, though perhaps with a little less body. It can certainly give your coffee a caffeinated, espresso type boost. Just remember to grind the espresso beans less finely, otherwise you may find your latte has more ‘grit’ in it than you’d like. Or you can just double filter the coffee.

The Aeropress

The Aeropress Coffee Maker turns out a really decent espresso shot, with a little practice. It uses a little more coffee than you might otherwise use, but the unit is affordable, simple to use, and produces great espresso coffee. You’ll just need to buy a decent espresso coffee bean.

Putting the Coffee Latte Art into your Latte: You can make latte at home!

There is the simple battery powered milk frother that use a whisk type tool to froth the milk, and looks a little like an electric tooth brush. Many of the popular models are the Aerolatte Milk Frother series of products, though I’d suggest that you buy one with an additional stainless steel pitcher (jug) and rechargeable batteries, too.

You should also look at the Aerolatte Heat & Froth Machine type of products. They are indeed much more expensive than the previous milk frothing tool, but they offer more convenience: full automation, easy cleaning, larger capacity, and quick speed.

Milk Frother Helps You Add a Little Latte Art

My friend brought me a little coffee milk frother as a present. Nice, thanks! Much appreciated, Cynthia! 😀

It was a funny looking thing that was supposed to froth the milk, like the one below.

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For Christmas, I bought a friend the simple frother device as a companion for her coffee maker. I was blown away with the quality of the foam, as you can see!

Learn How to Make Latte
Milk steamed and frothed!

The stick is supported only by the foam in the cup. And it stood there for more than 30 seconds! Here’s the technique:

  • Make coffee your favorite way, though I’d recommend that you choose a darker roast coffee, and make it stronger than you’d normally drink to avoid diluting the flavors.
  • Warm your milk gently (not boiling) so you don’t alter the flavor of the milk or get unnecessary skin floating in the milk.
  • Once you pour your brewed or espresso coffee in the bottom, add some warmed milk to the top, …
  • The remaining milk can be frothed by your milk frother in thirty seconds or less. Simply spoon the froth into your cup.

Voila! There are a number of frothers on the market, but the one we used to make the coffee above looked very similar to this aerolatte frother. If you are interested, you can read more about how to make cappuccino or how to make latte at home here.

Save your Budget From the Coffee Latte Factor

In conclusion, it’s hard to say that buying some of the more expensive items (such as the milk frother/heater device) make a lot of sense if you only make latte at home occasionally. But if you are really trying to cut down on the latte factor in your life, then justifying this inexpensive tool shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you’re also interested in learning how to make a cappuccino at home, head on over to that page!

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