Coffee Brand Names in 2020 – Check This Shortlist of Popular American Coffee Brands: Part 3 of 5

By | October 21, 2020

Well, we’ve already covered all the slots from #25 to #16. In this post, we’ll be looking at #15~#11! Let’s get brewing!


coffee brand names

Champion’s Estate, Brazilian Yellow Bourbon

What are the top coffee brand names in America today?

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I’m pulling data from Amazon for this, so a lot of assumptions are baked in, including whatever assumptions Amazon makes in its ‘Customer Review’ section. I specified a minimum of 4* plus, though the final data with scores of 3.7* got included. I also specified more than one coffee product had to be included in the basic data to qualify as a full brand.

Data was used on 4/21/2020 ~ 12am. Prices are listed as:

  • $ for under $10 per bag/carton,
  • $$ for between $10 and $20,
  • $$$ for over $20 and under $30
  • over $30 ranks a $$$$!

#15: Folgers Coffee

Our Coffee Brand Names Review Score: 93.4%  – Price $

Surprise, surprise! Folgers coffee, another favorite, brand retains a spot in the top 25! Still, everyone seems to love Folgers coffee. Even until recently, it was one of the most popular brands of coffee in the country, averaging 38% market share!

In fact, reviewers cited no less than 15 individual products in the top selection, all from Folgers. Only Kirkland, Lion, GMC, and our #1 pick fared more frequently! The other surprising finding was that all though Folgers sell K-cups with its most popular brands, unlike many other brands, only three of the 15 products were K-cup products.

It seems that Folgers fans enjoy the classic styles and packaging in generous tubs at favorable prices over newer formats like K-cups. They also appeal to the more hip younger generation with Barista type products, like Taster Kits, Gourmet selections, etc.

Still, they have a strong fan club who buy their traditional products like the “Folgers Classic Roast Medium Roast Ground Coffee” which had four mentions, the star of their show was indeed: Folgers House Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee in 24.2 Ounces.

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You can find out more about the brand on our Folger’s Coffee page.

#14: Café La Llave

Our Coffee Brand Names: 91.1%  – Price $$~$$$

This brand of coffee, Cafe La Llave, is one of the less familiar coffee brand names I’ve come across so far. It seems to inspire quite a lot of admiration among coffee drinkers, too. With a long history, the Gavina family was one of the first to sell coffee beans in the US, not canned coffee powder or ground coffee.

Café La Llave, however, is an espresso coffee, developed for the Latino market in the US. So it’s quite unusual in that it’s the only brand in the top 25 famous for just one type of coffee, and an espresso coffee at that! However, in our survey, this single product came in two variations: 10-oz bricks and coffee pods.

The featured product however is the coffee pods, which offer a stronger, bolder experience of espresso in a coffee pod. Now I’m not sure that any Nespresso-style coffee pods are particularly. But they are popular in the marketplace. These coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso makers.

So what do customers reckon? Well, this product attracted nearly 50% of comments with people saying things like “real Cuban style coffee”, “good crema”, “dark roast espresso”, “not bitter or acid”, as well as “needs sugar”, and “plastic capsules don’t pour well”. Overall, a popular product but with some defects. If you like the Café La Llave Espresso, you might be better to drink it Cuban style and buy the fine ground packets.


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Will this coffee take you to intensity level 11 or leave you at apathy level 11? You decide!

#13: Cafe Du Monde

Our Coffee Brand Names Review Score: 93.7%  – Price $

In complete contrast to the many roasters, Cafe Du Monde has forgone the single cup brew in favor of its traditional coffee formats, a blend of coffee & chicory (yes!) that has been served pretty much as is since the mid-19th century in New Orleans. So it’s clearly a favorite. Perhaps it’s brewed along in a traditional French drip coffee maker.


By PburkaOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Of course, if you can actually get to New Orleans, you’ll definitely run right over to the French Market to get some of this Café Au Laity and Hot Beignets served at your table! Failing that you’ll probably want to buy this traditional item on Amazon!

The only innovation in the last fifty years seems to be the fact that it’s sold on Amazon in a 3-pack format! It’s noted for its value and its flavor as well as its traditional values. You may also want to pick up a packet of Beignet Flour Mix at the same time, as well as sugar powder!


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For that memory of a trip to New Orleans!

#12: Maxwell House Coffee

Our Coffee Brand Names Review Score: 94.4%  – Price $$

Maxwell House Coffee is still one of the top US coffee brands in the market place, and is well recognized with its blue packaging as its theme! Though Maxwell House does not sell coffee beans per se, you’ll find over hundreds of coffee related products for sale! Given that Maxwell House is such a popular brand of coffee, I’d have been surprised if it hadn’t made the list. Well, it did.

And it did so with a vengeance, covering both ground coffee and single cup coffee pods for not one system, but two. They also included regular ground coffee and flavored coffee. But it was their support for the K-cups that proved most popular with customers, while the Tassimo brewers also featured.

It earned a $$ for two reasons: the tubs of coffee are large so the unit price is high so this coffee is at risk of going stale, meaning you either drink it and don’t enjoy it or throw it away. But also the coffee pods are actually quite an expensive way of enjoying your morning coffee.

Perhaps that’s why people prefer to buy the coffee pods rather than the quite large tubs of coffee that. Over 2/3rds of the review count focused on the product that I’ve picked.

1517Buy the Maxwell House Breakfast Blend
Keurig K Cup Coffee Pods, 84 Count on Amazon

For some longterm drinkers of Maxwell House coffee, the coffee pods seem to be underwhelming in both flavor and volume.

#11: Caribou Coffee

Our Coffee Brand Names Review Score: 94%  – Price $$

Caribou Coffee is a popular coffee shop these days across many states. Perhaps you even have one near your home? Not surprisingly, Caribout now is happy to sell you its Whole Bean & Ground Coffee so you can drink the aromatic coffee in the comfort of your own home!

This coffee is a popular brand that seems to inspire brand loyalty with lots of positive comments and feedback especially from its partnership with the Rainforest Alliance. So despite its credentials, Caribou Coffee’s popularity seems based on selling mostly K-cups (think throwaway).

Not a single regular coffee product ranked for them, so they are firmly established as K-Cup coffee roaster with four products ranked in the top 25. However, only 2 had significant review volumes. The featured item garnered nearly 80% of the total number of reviews, maintaining a solid ranking as well. Reviews seemed to mention its freshness as well as quality of its packaging.

19Buy Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend K-Cup Pods
Medium Roast Coffee on Amazon

I am sad to see so many products and brand this week emphasizing K-cups, Tassimos and Senseo related products. Though single cup coffee makers aim for the mass market’s convenience, they do make sub-standard coffee, cost a lot of money, and create a lot of unnecessary garbage. There is very good reasons that coffee shops do not use these brewers to make coffee.

Coffee makes the world go round!

One recurring theme this week and previously is the influence of European coffee consumption on the popular brands here! Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch… all seem to bring their own qualities and styles to coffee! And yet for every well-known imported coffee brand names, there is at least one home-grown brand that’s just as good!

Top Coffee Brands 2020 (all parts)

In 2020, we’re ranking the top 118 brands of coffee, and creating our own list of Amazon’s Best Coffee Brands:

So that’s it for this week.

Next week, we’ll take a look at #10~6 coffee brand names where we’ll see some regular favorites and one or two newcomers!

What are the best coffee brands, find out here!

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