Can the Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker Make Espresso?

By | October 8, 2019

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Can You Make Espresso Using a
Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker?

by Brad from USA

Keurig single cup coffee b40 elite model

Hi, I have a Keurig single cup coffee machine that I love. I saw an article that you can also make espresso with this machine. Please tell me how? I do have the v70 unit so I can adjust the temp. What temp should it be?

Thank you

Hi Brad,

The simple answer is that espresso pods are available, and you will find that these Kcups have more coffee packed inside, so that you get that rich, creamy espresso flavor from your Keurig machine. So yes, Keurig single cup coffee maker can do it!

For a “truer” espresso from your Keurig single cup coffee maker, I would recommend getting really good espresso beans from your local roaster, grinding them to an espresso fineness, and using the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filterto brew an espresso shot in your Keurig.

Note, the you will need to have a Keurig model that has an adjustable temperature, as espresso brews at a slightly higher temperature, and greater pressure than drip coffee.

Pack the My Kcup really full, and tamp it down so that there are no cracks or crevices int he grinds, otherwise you will get a runny mess.

It’s not perfect, and certainly not what a coffee aficionado would consider true espresso, but we work with what we have sometimes, and are grateful for good tasting coffee!

For the temperate, just be certain that you have not adjusted the internal temperature down before you brew your espresso.

Your Keurig Platinum was factory set to a brew temperature of 192°, which is the maximum that your Keurig brewer will go.

Additionally, if you have elected to use the energy saving mode, you will need to turn on your Keurig for a minimum of 3 minutes to warm up your Keurig.

Keurig recommends running a small cup cleansing-brew prior to brewing, which will warm your cup for the espresso, and the unit will be warmed up, too.

Let us know how it goes, OK?


Betty & Chris

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