10 Reasons To Avoid Buying a Nespresso Coffee Maker

By | November 16, 2020

I used to drool over a Nespresso, in awe at its delightful form, colorful gleaming paint! That such a machine could produce good coffee just seemed to be miraculous. Fortunately, however, I didn’t buy one. I just kept making my regular coffee the way I always had done.

Nespresso Coffee Maker: it's a beauty!

Photo by Sylvain Thrd on Unsplash

Then one day I woke up from the dream with a start: here is a tiny cup of coffee that costs a fair bit, produces an abundance of garbage, and tastes faintly stale! How could it be?

Once I started to research the products, I realized why. Nespresso is just a cash wolf in sheep’s leather wallet! No, you shouldn’t ever buy any kind of capsule coffee. Why? Let me tell you why!

Nespresso Coffee Makers are TERRIBLE!

First, you should learn to make real coffee. Well, it’s simple:

a) REAL coffee tastes better! It really does: freshly roasted, freshly ground, freshly made! What more do you need?

b) REAL coffee is far cheaper! And you get bigger cups of coffee for less than the price of a single Nespresso cap! Even if you buy an expensive bag of $25 coffee, that’s like 10c a gram of REAL quality coffee… it’s about the same price as Nespresso cap!  And the Nespresso cap is pretty average coffee that was roasted, packed and distributed MONTHS ago!

c) REAL coffee doesn’t pollute the environment with aluminum waste! Billions of caps are thrown away EVERY year. They are typically a blend of both plastic & aluminum meaning that recycling is awkward, uncertain and expensive! Read this article from New York Times which cites a non-recycle rate of about 75%! 

d) REAL coffee doesn’t add to unnecessary carbon emissions from unnecessary packaging, distribution and recycling! Despite Nespresso’s claims of reducing carbon emissions by 22%, their capsules are ALL made in Zurich, Switzerland. So all coffee is shipped there and distributed from there.

e) REAL coffee isn’t stale because it’s usually roasted just a few weeks before. Nespresso is packed in caps in the factory before shipping in overheated container ships, spends months in distribution networks, and even longer waiting for a customer! How fresh can it be, despite the packaging?

f) a typical coffee maker that makes REAL coffee is cheaper than even the cheapest NESPRESSO maker. ‘Nuff said. Most of the cost of a Nespresso capsule is the packaging and distribution, not the coffee. Do the math with me!

g) REAL coffee is grown, roasted and sold by REAL people with REAL jobs in both the coffee growing community and your community. Nespresso profits are all kept further upstream by distributors, manufacturers, license holders and Nespresso shareholders. Buying coffee in your local roaster means work for local coffee experts, money stays in the community more, too.


Photo by T.H. Chia on Unsplash

h) It’s probably healthier too. After all, who wants coffee steeped in plastic or aluminum. Think that stuff doesn’t get into the coffee you drink? Well, think again! Hot water and plastic is not a good match! Hormone disruptors can emulate female hormones, not good for either women or men! Aluminum … well, scientists are still out on whether it’s linked to Alzheimers or other diseases. But upto 1mg of aluminum leaches into a typical cup.

i) Now many people buy Nespresso because they think it tastes better. Is that you? If you think Nespresso tastes good, you shouldn’t bother with anything other than cheap Instant Coffee. It’s going to be much cheaper than Nespresso anyway, since you can’t tell the difference between instant and Nespresso. Anyway, Nespresso coffee always tastes bad. Once you go REAL, you never go back!

j) You want to impress your friends? Well, then you’re not interested in saving money! I promise you can spend a bucket load of money on the fanciest machines and still make great coffee! Guaranteed. Your friends will be dead impressed too by the gleaming metals, shiny glass surface, and awesome coffee!

Seriously, save yourself cash, your palate, your environment and your health! Just pass by the smiling face of George Clooney in the department store. Go to your local roasters/coffee shop, buy a simple mill… buy a simple coffee maker… learn how to make it! They’ll even be happy to teach you! FREE!

Oh, and by the way! Those plastic and aluminum caps don’t get recycled typically! They get burned or dumped in landfill or shipped to 3rd world countries or worse! So that’s GREAT for carbon emissions & pollution control… seriously! Don’t buy a Nespresso machine.

And if you are considering it: buy three cups of coffee and taste them all together blindfold: instant, nespresso & real coffee. I guarantee that one of these will ALWAYS taste way better! I promise you which one it won’t be… but you already know that now!

There is one reason, and one reason only that you should buy a Nespresso coffee maker: You’re just too damned lazy to make good coffee!

Author: Kenneth

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