Are coffee maker ratings fake? 7 ways to trust and verify the reviews first!

By | September 17, 2020

Did you check the coffee maker ratings before you decided to buy that last coffee maker you bought? You know, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I didn’t when I bought my last coffee maker, and for a drip coffee maker, it wasn’t that cheap, either!

Coffee Maker Ratings

Coffee Maker Ratings – Are these fake?

Check those coffee maker ratings

And now I’m regretting it somewhat because the machine I bought really has some issues: it throws water everywhere, and sometimes even hot coffee; the filter isn’t a gold coffee filter, it’s cheap plastic; and there isn’t an auto-off switch so that the coffee continues brewing on the hotplate even after the coffee is finished dripping.

So I now recommend that if you are interested in buying almost any kind of coffee maker, and you want to get the best for your buck, you should consider some obvious factors that influence ratings.

Find out what’s wrong FIRST

It’s a little un-American, but as a Brit, I tend to want to know the bad news first… so that I can decide whether a particular coffee maker is something I can live with. In this article, I’ll offer some tips to those interested in purchasing coffee makers by examining the coffee maker ratings, then we’ll look at some examples of how this works in action!

As I found out, your coffee maker can make the difference between a great cup of java and a mediocre one.  You can buy the best coffee grown but if your coffee maker scorches the grounds, isn’t quite hot enough or lets the water soak the grounds too long, you’re not going to get the most out of your coffee.

Tip #1: Check out

So my first tip: check out the coffee maker ratings & reviews on Amazon for the coffee maker you are looking for. Why Amazon? Simply because they tend to have more reviews than other shopping sites I’ve visited, so it’s easier to sort out which are planted, which are genuine and what the specifics of the model are as compared to what manufacturers promise.  You’ll also get a guide price that you may be able to better elsewhere.

Tip #2: Skip and scan the reviews

Never take the top rated reviews as 100%, but also distrust the bottom rated reviews: they may have axes to grind or be trying to get inside your wallet! I usually scan those reviews quickly, then choose those marked with a 4 or 3 or even 2 star rating. That way I find that the coffee maker ratings tend to be more reliable.

Tip #3: Look for the ‘helpful’ reviews

Amazon does have one feature that I like: “6 of 9 people found the following review helpful” which indicates how many people found a particular review useful to them, and then they clicked. On one machine, I found the top review received nearly 49 supporters!

Tip #4: Too few reviews

Look for a reasonable number of reviews, if you are chasing more reliable coffee maker ratings. Why? Many products only get a scant number of reviews, so it’s difficult to make a proper balanced decision on three reviews only. You’ll only get slanted personal views. For popular coffee maker ratings, I’d be looking for at least a dozen reviews or more. The more the merrier.

Tip #5: Too many *Five* stars!

Along with #4, you’ll often find reviews with a lot of five stars. Ordinarily, you’d expect a number of 5 star-reviews, but if the total number of reviews is very low… you may be right to be suspicious of those reviewers’ motives for giving full marks to a brand new product.

Tip #6: ‘Thin’ reviews

If reviews are getting any comments that are worthless, it’s easy to identify as it usually runs along the lines of “This product is awesome. We love it! It does the job!”… etc. They may be genuine, they may not.

Either way, they offer nothing to you in terms of why the ‘purchaser’ is satisfied. Often it will accompany a four-star or five-star award. The only real value with these kind of reviews is in their aggregate. But vendors can and do mass purchase reviews, rendering any advantage moot.

Tip #7: Be skeptical! ALWAYS!

These days, there are so many ways for vendors to play the review game, including:

  • the verified buyer reviews before the vendor provides a refund
  • the buyer does reviews for gift certificates
  • the vendor buys paid reviews
  • a new vendor with no other products may be suspect
  • a high number of 1 star and 5 star reviews
  • a high number of 5 star reviews with an odd array of other reviews.

You can spot the fake coffee maker ratings & review occasionally by looking for markers: the fake ‘con’, a higher number of stars than the review warrants, etc. But really, there is only true way to know: if the products and reviews are too good to be true!

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