Winter: Time to Make Apple Pie

By | March 3, 2016

Homemade Apple Pie

It’s been raining like nothing on earth here, so I turned my attention to making the annual Apple Pie. This year’s recipe is a tad different. I used a BBC recipe that used a sweet pastry, and I added raisins soaked in a little Beef Eater gin. And I also coated the inside of the base with egg white. Last tweak, I made it small in a 7″ pastry tin, so it was much smaller than a regular pie. Served with a little cream or ice cream, it was wonderfully yummy!

Now, I’d look for medium or medium dark roast with a more balanced flavor, and a touch of bitterness to balance the sweet apples. Since it’s a little sweet, a dark-roast Americano style coffee would be best to balance the sweetness. Perhaps a little bitterness, but not a dark roast or French roast coffee. It would overpower the delicate flavors of the pie. Here is the finished pie. Tasty!