Reader’s Questions: How long does brewed coffee last?

By | September 6, 2015

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How long does brewed coffee last?

by Yahoo! Answers User


I’ve had some coffee I brewed that’s been in my fridge for probably a week now, I haven’t had any but want to know if it is still safe to drink since it’s been in the fridge.

Thank you

Let’s start with the obvious question: How long has it been since you made the coffee? You see, you could have made it four or more hours before you remembered to put it in the fridge. I think we can safely assume that it means more than 7 days.

Due to the natural processes that occur to enhance coffee, we can enjoy wonderful coffee. However, some of those processes also will destroy the flavors we enjoy. The enemies of flavor are: time, temperature, air & moisture. Each of these will impact the coffee in both beneficial & unpleasant ways. The actual chemical compounds in coffee that create the sensory experience for our noses & mouths are very volatile and easily destroyed by these enemies.

To enjoy the best flavors, I’d recommend you brew & enjoy your coffee as close together in time as possible, whether or not it is iced coffee. Even brewing cold brew coffee one can expect a deterioration in the flavor after a period of time.

So make the coffee & enjoy it as soon as it is ready. That simple.