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Precision Coffee Grinder: Better Grind, More Flavor by Handground — Kickstarter Project

If you’ve ever ground coffee by machine, you’ll know that get the right settings is tricky. If you’ve done it by hand, it’s mostly guesswork and the accuracy is ‘crude’ to say the least. One KickStarter Project aims to make hand grinding the preferred option with their new HandGround Mill that achieves 20 levels of fineness from French… Read More »

Coffee Secrets: How to make coffee with ears taste good

If you’ve traveled in Asia, you’ll notice how coffee with ears has become quite popular. Even Starbucks in Japan now manufactures several different types with a variety of roasts you can try. Unfortunately, they’re not available in the US market yet, perhaps because Starbucks Via is a bigger seller. Let me tell you: they taste much better than… Read More »

Soda & Espresso: Only in Scotland!

If you’ve a hankering for soda and you love espresso (like I do), it probably never occurred to you that you can put the two together! It didn’t for me until I read this story in CityAM. Barista creates Irn Bru coffee by mixing espresso with Scotland’s favourite drink This barista just created Irn Bru coffee. Move over deep-fried Mars… Read More »

Let’s Make Espresso & Save Money

Q: Are you specifically looking to make espresso drinks or buy an espresso machine? Needing to save a little money? The two are not necessarily related: making espresso and buying an (overly) expensive espresso maker, you know? Let me show you some simple steps to make great espresso that don’t break the bank or your budget! OK. Some… Read More »