Graphic: What kind of coffee person are you?

Find out what kind of coffee person you are with this wonderful graphic I found on Pinterest. It’s got almost everything you could need in a very succinct form. Enjoy! What Kind of #Coffee Person are You? Find out more with this #infographic – I’d like to attribute this, but I have no idea who the original… Read More »

Let’s Make Espresso & Save Money

Q: Are you specifically looking to make espresso drinks or buy an espresso machine? Needing to save a little money? The two are not necessarily related: making espresso and buying an (overly) expensive espresso maker, you know? Let me show you some simple steps to make great espresso that don’t break the bank or your budget! OK. Some… Read More »

Blog Income Report & Traffic for August 2015

Introduction Welcome to August’s Report for 2015. Hope you enjoyed my holiday snaps from 8 days in Japan! It’s a coffee blog, so I didn’t post too many! Blog Changes & Screw-ups The list of screw ups is getting long: let’s deal with them! Removing Keywords In July, I removed the keywords from my wordpress pages, and I… Read More »