Whole Bean Coffee vs Ground Coffee

By | November 1, 2019
Caffe Cagliari whole bean coffee


Wow! What a difference a decent bag of whole bean coffee can make when you are using the Aeropress coffee maker. I was using a bag of nondescript espresso beans, mostly to find out whether they could be made to drink better. They can’t.

So today, after consuming half the bag, I relented and bought a bag – or 4 –  of Cagliari Coffee (or Caffè Cagliari). It’s a less expensive alternative to buying Lavazza or illy Coffee, but the quality is excellent.  Oddly I can’t find these in some of the best marketplaces in the US… are they available?

Arabica vs. Robusta Whole Bean Coffee


Cagliari especially like to make ground coffee for espresso makers & the moka pot, but they also offer Rossa or Gran Rossa blends which are mostly Arabica. I’m still not convinced of the merits of 100% Arabica coffee for espresso, but Cagliari is making a persuasive case: offering 60% or 70% or 100% arabica.

In the Aeropress

I thought I’d try it in the Aeropress. And wow! The shot of coffee had such a luscious quality and beautiful consistency to it, and the flavor was so refined, without any of the awkward bitterness in the cheaper beans (remember this is ground coffee, too!).

So, my tip for today: even if you only have a simple coffee maker, be damned sure to buy the best coffee you can. You WILL notice the difference.  And it doesn’t always matter if the coffee isn’t whole coffee beans. Sometimes the ground coffee is better, really!

What do you prefer: Ground or whole bean coffee? Why? Let me know in the comments!

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