Toddy Coffee: How long can brewed coffee be kept for?

By | November 19, 2019

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How long can brewed Toddy coffee be kept for?

by Concerned Coffee Drinker from NY

I have a jug of coffee I didn’t finish the day before sitting in the fridge. Is it still good to drink?

Thank you

As a fan of the aromas and taste of fresh brewed coffee, I cringe at the idea of storing coffee overnight. This dislike conflicts with my desire for iced coffee all summer long.

Storing Toddy coffee in the refrigerator is an acceptable method for those who like coffee for its taste and not specifically for the fresh brewed coffee qualities. If you find you’re a coffee aficionado, then coffee should be made for consumption within the first few hours of being brewed. After those few hours, coffee should be thrown away.

Still drinkable

If you are like most coffee drinkers, you simply like the taste of coffee and the idea of caffeine. Then you will not mind as much its having been stored and more than a couple of hours old. Coffee will not lose any of its caffeine through storage. What it will lose is its freshness and to some extent its taste.

Coffee from the refrigerator can offer the drinker a quickly re-heated cup of coffee or iced coffee. Brewing techniques as well as coffee brand both contribute to how long brewed coffee will last refrigerated and whether it will still taste acceptable.

A health threat?

There appears to be no real health threat to those who drink unrefrigerated coffee over a time frame of a couple of days. There are no real indicators as to when coffee spoils. How long you store coffee is strictly up to the individual and their preferred tastes and methods of coffee storage. Reheating in a microwave or on the stove is also a matter of individual taste. It is generally suggested however those if expecting company, brew a fresh pot of coffee.

Why does coffee slowly decay in flavor?

Due to the natural processes that occur to enhance coffee, we can enjoy wonderful coffee. However, some of those processes also will destroy the flavors we enjoy. The enemies of flavor are: time, temperature, air & moisture. Each of these will impact the coffee in both beneficial & unpleasant ways. The actual chemical compounds in coffee that create the sensory experience for our noses & mouths are very volatile and easily destroyed by these enemies.

Avoid adding cream or milk

The most important factor is to not add creamer to coffee that may be stored or may sit for later use. The creamer or milk will spoil, even if the weather isn’t particularly warm. In fact, fresh milk in a moderately warm environment should be out of the refrigerator for no more than 10 minutes at a time.

Don’t keep too long, and don’t add milk before storing

To enjoy the best flavors, I’d recommend you brew & enjoy your coffee as close together in time as possible, whether or not it is iced coffee. Even brewing cold brew coffee one can expect a deterioration in the flavor after a period of time.

If you’re planning to store your Toddy brewed coffee or leave it sitting, put in creamer or milk just prior to consumption. Hope that helps.


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