Starbucks Coffee Food Servings

By | October 20, 2019

Welcome to Starbucks Coffee Shop Food Servings! Enjoy!

Food Servings @ Starbucks Coffee. Starbucks always has sandwiches, cakes, and salads for sale. While quality isn’t always the best, you’re sure to find something if you’re hungry!

In Taiwan, we regularly have new menu items that means there is always something new to try!

Starbucks Coffee Desserts #1: The Lemon Tart

Starbucks Coffee Shop Food Servings Lemon Cake

Dark Roast Coffee of the Day w. Lemon Cake

Bon appetit! A Lemon Cream Pie, served with Coffee of the Day: Pike Place Roast & a dash of milk. Best way to start the week!


Starbucks Coffee Desserts #2: Custard Pudding Cake

Custard Pudding Cake

This custard pudding cake otherwise known as a caramel bread & butter pudding bun tastes as good as it looks! Paired with a decent cup of coffee: something that balances its sweetness. I had an Americano; but Christine went with Latte. What would you drink with it?

Now I’ve tried to find other variations. It seems to look like a bun/cake but the custard and pudding made me think of a traditional bread & butter pudding in the UK. Pleasantly nice, however. I used to rag on Starbucks bakery items in Taiwan, but increasingly I find the cakes creative, tasty and a trifle (hah!) expensive. With our expanding waistlines, we usually give them a sad pass.

Coffee Desserts #3: Apple With Custard Cake


Thought you’d enjoy this photo: coffee & Apple with Custard Mousse cake, courtesy of Starbucks Taiwan. Description from Google Translate says:

“Sweet caramel flavor whipped cream and sponge cake, with vanilla and honey apple stuffing”

Oh, boy! How long will 2020’s New Year’s Resolutions last with these Starbucks Coffee food servings?

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