New Starbucks Coffee Bag Designs: Past Corporate Blandness @ Starbucks

By | September 24, 2019

I’m loving the new look Starbucks Bags I’m seeing everywhere now. I absolutely loathed the previous designs and found them lacking flair, distinctiveness & rarely bought coffee beans in those old bags. But the new bags for Starbucks coffee beans are much classier so I’m no longer confused to buy a bag of coffee beans. And the new Starbucks Coffee bags are great!


They leave in no doubt what kind of beans you’re buying: Blonde Roasts, Medium Roasts and Dark Roasts are clearly delineated. So there’s no more squinting at the purple faded pictures to figure out whether you’ve bought the right coffee or not!

So I’m glad that Starbucks decided different bags and bold designs emphasized the coffee rather than generic bland designs of the previous redesign. For more information about the designs, check out the article: Behind The Design: Interview with Mike Peck and Steve Murray on Starbucks New Retail Coffee Packaging at the DieLine. Check out some gorgeous close-ups, too.

For more information, check out Starbucks Coffee.