New Kirkland Coffee Local Origins Series

By | October 11, 2019

I visited Costco here in Taiwan just before Chinese New Year, and noted that they were selling several new Kirkland coffee products that I hadn’t ever seen before.

In fact, a Reddit sub-thread mentioned that the Nicaraguan Coffee was being stocked in their store.

I was in San Diego last week and was visiting a Costco in the La Jolla area. I always go to a local Costco to find out if they have any local specials whenever I travel. They were carrying a Kirkland Nicaraguan Peaberry Coffee (2 lb) for around $15 or so (I forget exactly). I haven’t opened it yet as I still have another half pound of beans left from before. Has anyone tried this coffee? I can’t find any reviews online. (linked at Reddit)

In fact, the Nicaraguan Peaberry Coffee wasn’t the only one I found in the shelves at Costco. I also found Honduras Special Reserve. Both of these are part of the Kirkland Signature Limited Edition Single Origin Coffee range, and not one single result in Google! So what’s the rub?

Limited Edition Single Origin Coffee

I have only found two coffee beans in this series, so far. I’ll add more. This is what the packet says:

P_20160224_142246“These exotic coffee beans are sourced in small lots from farmers, estates, and cooperatives from across the world.

Elevation, processing methods, coffee bean variety and optimum roast levels are all evaluated by Costco Wholesale’s own in-house coffee roaster.

A sample of each bean is roasted and brewed before final production and packaging in our warehouses.

Because these coffees are so special, so availability is limited. Be sure to try them before they run out!”

For more, check out this article Kirkland coffee.

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