Choose Quality Mexican Coffee: Choose Well

By | April 18, 2015

Coffee lovers who adore Latin American coffee may not reckon Mexican coffee is a coffee good enough for your cup! But Mexico’s coffee has been grown since the 1700’s, making it one of the oldest producers of fine coffee beans in the world.

Mexico Coffee: In Close Up

If you are curious to know where the best coffee beans are from, let me show you Mexico in more detail. Most coffee is grown in the Southern and South-central regions of the country, and the variation from region to region gives each variety a distinct flavor that is appreciated by coffee lovers who enjoy a mild and light-bodied brew with delicate flavors that tell the story of the part of the country.


You may have heard the names Coatepec, Chiapas or Oaxaca Pluma, all famous Mexican coffees. But when you look at a map of Mexico, you will see that the continent narrows and begins turning eastward.

This area of Mexico is where the majority of coffees are grown, from the lowland coffee grown on in Veracruz on the gulf side of the continent to the Altura Coatepec grown in the mountainous area near the city of Coatepec.

You will often see high-quality coffee from Mexico marketed under these names, while coffee from the opposite side of the mountain range is usually called “Oaxaca”.

The highest quality coffee in Mexico is usually called Chiapas, and is grown near Mexico’s border with Guatemala. There are a few types of Mexican coffee that are considered specialty coffees in Europe, such as Liquidambar, Santa Catarina, Irlandia, Germania, and Hamburgo.

Grown: Small Farmer Grown Coffee

Most of Mexico’s coffee is produced on small, individually owned farms, hand picked and dried, which means that Mexico is one of the most prolific producers of certified organic coffee, and it’s proximity to the United States means that the majority of high quality coffee grown in Mexico is shipped directly to the US at a lower price than nearly any other variety.

There is a wide variety of tastes and overtones due to the different growing regions of the country. The results provide a coffee that is not complex and serves as a base for some very tasty blends

Most of the beans grown in the mountains of Mexico have a nutty flavor and pleasingly light body. Depending on the soil and conditions in which they are grown, the beans can also be the opposite with bright acidity and chocolaty overtones.

Mexico Coffee Brands

Many people prefer Mexican coffee due to its variety of subtle flavors and range of brightness and body. They are reasonably priced so that you can afford to try coffee from many different regions.

Mexico produces one of the few common shelf brands of pre-ground coffee that makes a decent espresso, called Cafe Bustelo. Although not a remarkable coffee, it has a pleasant taste and is reckoned good for everyday use.

Unfortunately, most of the best coffee is sold to European buyers and is particularly popular in Germany. Some of these are Santa Catarina, Germanis, Liquidambar and Irlandia. If you should ever see these beans or coffee, you will definitely be glad you gave them a try!

Although the United States is generally sold the less premium beans and coffee, Mexican beans are generally good quality with a taste that most people will want to enjoy every day. Have a look at these coffee products from Mexico that are available in the US.

Quality Pricing – Affordable Coffee

Drinking high quality Mexican coffee is a little like enjoying a good, light white wine. The coffee has a light body with a dry, slightly acidic snap. Mexican coffees are often favorites among coffee drinkers who like their coffee black, because the taste is not so strong or acidic that it requires cream and sugar to hide the flavor.

Another reason for the enduring popularity of these coffee beans is their moderate price combined with the lighter bodied flavor of the brew. Coffee drinkers who are looking to explore the flavors imparted by regional differences will be particularly fond of Mexican beans, as the great diversity of the country gives notes that can be floral, fruity, chocolaty, and even slightly mossy depending on where the particular bean is grown. You’ll find a lot of varieties in Mexico coffee products.

Making Your Mexico Coffee

The beverage known as ‘Mexican coffee’ takes full advantage of the light flavor of Mexican coffee, and is a gourmet like creation that you can create in your own home. Begin by brewing your favorite Mexican beans, but add two teaspoons of cinnamon to the filter basket as you brew your coffee.

As the coffee brews, simmer one cup milk, one third cup chocolate syrup, and two tablespoons of brown sugar on the stovetop until the sugar disappears. Pour the mixture into cups filled with your cinnamon coffee combination along with a little bit of vanilla extract. You can top it with whipped cream and more cinnamon to make a coffee-shop worthy treat.

Mexican beans create the ideal cup for the coffee drinker who wants a smooth, light cup of coffee that doesn’t need anything to make it taste great. Be sure to try a cup of Mexican Coffee next time you have friends over, and you may not want to spend money at your local gourmet coffee shop ever again!