Kirkland Sumatra goes missing: What can I do?

By | October 24, 2019

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I can’t find my favorite Kirkland Sumatra anymore?
What do I do?

by Marlene from Texas

Kirkland Sumatra coffee-2lb-bag

I love/need Kirkland Sumatra coffee! They have apparently discontinued it.

I also purchased Kirkland’s French roast and Columbian Supremo but nothing compares to the rich, dark Sumatra. Both of those I mentioned are also going away.

Any recommendations for a replacement for Sumatra?

Thank you

Wow! I can sense your disappointment. I do drink a lot of coffee these days, but I have tried to expand the range of coffee I like because it’s quite difficult to find a coffee here that is ALWAYS available.

So whenever I see something I really like, I’ll buy two or even three of them… because I know I won’t find it when I look next month! That applies to many things, not just coffee!

But if you really can’t find your favorite blend or brand, you have only three choices… that’s the bad news!

Find a substitute for your Kirkland Sumatra

It’s always hard to give up a favorite coffee, esp. if you drank a lot of it. But you could try a similar roasting style. For example, Sumatra and Java are similar. So why not try a blend of coffee that includes either but is darker roasted. You may find it pleasing. I think the roasting for Kirklands Sumatra is a dark roast, almost a French roast.

Shop at Amazon!

The second option is to go on the internet and find more stock. The two places I would try are Ebay & Amazon. I have a long article on the different Kirkland coffees at Amazon. I checked last night, and found some Kirkland coffee for sale on Amazon.

Wait a while!

But you shouldn’t despair about the Kirklands Sumatra, it should come back next year, though supplies may be limited in the meantime. I’ll contact Costco to find out their response to your concern!

Please feel free to let me know if I missed anything or your experience is different or check out these other Kirkland Coffees…

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