Kirkland Local Origins: Nicaraguan Select Peaberry Lots

By | July 6, 2019

Nicaraguan Select Peaberry Lots

This is a mix of Caturra and Catuai varietals. CoffeeSearch has a good brief introduction to both varietals, but suffice to say, both grow well at altitudes though need a lot of care during growth.

Notes on Caturra & Catuai Origins

Caturra tends to produce more volume of beans, while Catuai is more suitable for areas with stronger winds or more exposed settings as the fruit tends to bind to the coffee trees. The notes on the bag state that the beans are grown at 4000~4300 feet in a coffee growing region called Natural Reserve Cerro Datanli, El Diablo in Nicaragua.

The addition of Catuai to Caturra produces a better cupping as the higher yield affects the flavors of the Caturra.


Coffee Beans & Coffee in a Cup

You will note from the picture that the coffee beans are small & rounded as the term Peaberry would indicate. The process identified on the packet is washed. This is how the coffee shows itself in our own cups. I tend to add more coffee per cup than is standard, usually 12g~14g per cup. And a mug often measures to about 1 1/2 cups in total or about 300ml. So the flavor is more ‘enhanced’, or as colleagues call it ‘strong’.

Honduras Reserva Especial

Nestling right next to the Nicaraguan on the Costco coffee shelf was the Honduran Special Reserve Blend. Of course, I had to try it, and the price point was also similar to the Nicaraguan.

The Honduran Reserva Especial mixes Pacamara and Bourbon varietals together. Wikipedia notes that the Pacamara beans were bred to increase the size, while the Bourbon varietal produces about 20~30% more beans than the Typica.

These beans were grown at between 4,200 and 5.600 feet in the Celaque Western Highlands

celaque national park honduras

Coffee Beans & Coffee in a Cup

They’re quite small beans, and you can see there are several different types: some are smaller and rounder, while others are slightly larger in size. Roasted to a medium dark level, they appear slightly browner in the photo, than in real life.


We recently had the chance to share our coffee with friends from C.’s school life… served in a beautiful Rose decorated bone china cup.


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