I have a Tim Hortons Coffee Maker and the coffee is not very hot.

By | June 28, 2019

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I have a Tim Hortons Coffee Maker and the coffee is not very hot! What can I do?


Lukewarm Coffee in US of A!

Dear Lukewarm in US of A!

This is a serious issue with some coffee makers, but the only thing you can do is use a coffee thermometer and test the water as it comes out of the heating unit and drips into the basket.

Then test the coffee temperature in the basket before it drips into the pot. Lastly, test the ambient temperature in the pot itself to make sure the temperature is within an acceptable range.

Typical Temperatures

For brewing the water, you’d expect the water to come out of the hot water tube at around 90C. Don’t expect the water to be 100C, because searing the coffee grinds will only cause the flavor to decay. O

nce in the drip basket, I’d expect the water to be a little cooler because some of the water will have been there for a few seconds. I’d be looking at around 85C overall.

As it drips into the jug, I’d test the temperature again. I wouldn’t look at temperatures much lower than 80C in the jug, depending on whether the unit has a heating plate.

Find the source of the big temperature drop

It could be that the problem lies in one of these three places. Perhaps the water isn’t being heated to the optimal temperature range before dripping onto the grinds.

Perhaps the coffee isn’t dripping fast enough so the temperature drops too much while in the basket. Perhaps the coffee heating element in the base is broken or insufficient in a colder environment.

Cold cups and cold milk

Lastly, be aware that once you decant the coffee into your cup and add milk or cream, you’ll also easily drop the temperature one more time. I don’t have hard numbers on this myself, but I have found temperatures ranges from 65C ~ 75C by then. So keep your cup warm by swirling hot water in it, and consider warming the milk gently before adding.

Ultimately, the only real way to keep the temperature fairly high is to shorten the time between the water coming out of the hot water tube and going into your mouth!

Best Wishes