Spam Policy

Spam Policy

In short, PurelyCoffeeBeans won’t spam.

No SPAM here Policy

This site doesn’t support spam, won’t allow spam, won’t knowingly deal with products, companies or individuals who use spam as part of their business practice. Nor will PCB ever spam you. That’s right… NEVER.

Personal Emails

I personally promise that any mail I send out to you is a personal mail, written for you and for you only. I will NOT send a spam mail to you. Not ever. Never.

Why did I contact you?

There are several reasons that I might have contacted you.

First, the mailing list – there is one! But you should note that this is entirely double-opt-in and I will work hard to make sure only those who want to be on the mailing list are. This mailing list will be announced in late 2010.

Second, a contact form

You sent me a note via the contact form, and my email is a response to that note. I have a copy of all correspondence in several places so you needn’t worry about me losing it!

My Promise

I also promise I will never sell or otherwise make public to any other person, company or otherwise any email address in my records as a result of this website or any of its related properties.

If you believe that you have received a spam from this domain, please contact me, and we’ll look at it. There are lots of ways that spammers now implicate innocent people by faking headers, etc.