How much water for 100 grams of coffee? Let’s Answer Soh’s Question

By | November 14, 2019

This post, we’ll be answering Soh’s question: “How much water for 100 grams of fine ground coffee powder?” Read below…

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I need to know how much water for 100 grams of coffee?

by Soh from Singapore

How much water should I use for 100 grams of fine ground coffee powder?

Thank you

Everybody loves their coffee made to perfection as many of us often rely on a cup of coffee to galvanize us into action in the morning. The secret behind a great cup of coffee is the freshness and quality of the coffee itself. But how much water do you need to brew your perfect cup of coffee for a 100 grams of fine ground coffee powder?

What method are you using?

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The answer really depends on how finely ground the coffee is, and THAT depends on how you are making the coffee. So the answer will vary.

If you are making coffee in a drip pot, then you should easily make 7 cups of coffee at about 14g per cup. Finer ground coffee is the most suitable for making the best quality cup of coffee.

For espresso, you’ll probably get only about 3 or 4 small cups of espresso; but that is not likely the kind of coffee you are drinking. The volume of water used in espresso is much lower because the espresso is usually much stronger and destined for use in making cappuccino.

What kind of water?

Of course, you will need clean water but not particularly pure water. The coffee flavor goes best with some minerals to bind with it and bring out that distinct taste. The method you use to heat the water is up to you to choose from, but remember not to use boiling water if you’re making coffee by hand.

I don’t recommend using mineralized water… but if you live in an area with lots of sediment in your water from calcium deposits and/or your water isn’t particularly clean, running it through a water filter will help to balance and clean it.

How much water for 100 grams?

The finer coffee you grind, the more water will be absorbed by the grounds; expect to ‘lose’ some water due to absorption by the coffee paper, the coffee grounds, as well as some wastage due to water becoming steam. If you don’t have a standard coffee spoon, it’s a good idea to settle on one of these…

Useful Coffee Formula

For 100g of coffee, you should find that 200ml per cup is okay. So you’ll be looking at about 1.5~1.6 liters of water.

To work out how much water to use, here is a simple formula:

( coffee weight in grams / 14.5g  ) * 200 ml of water = how many cups of water.

Hope that helps. I would be interested to know how much coffee other people use. Commercial capsules, drip bags and coffee pouches, like the Nespresso system or Starbucks Origami series, only use 7~10g at most resulting in an unsatisfying cup of watery coffee if you don’t pay attention to how much water is needed.

Factor for the water!

If you are using a manual pour, you can always control the final amount of water for sure. In fact, I’d suggest that you heat at least 33% more water for the following purposes.

  • a little extra for evaporation… hot water evaporates! Who knew?
  • dousing the paper filter to get rid of the coffee filter flavor
  • coffee absorption (which depends on the coffee and can vary significantly from 12% to almost 20%)
  • warming the cups, esp. for colder climes where ambient temperatures can reduce the coffee temps in your cup

Larger Mugs of Coffee

Of course, if you’re like me, you prefer a larger mug of coffee, I’d estimate that you’d get about 4 full mugs out of 100g of coffee, using a slightly lower ratio of 24g per 400ml of water. Don’t forget that coffee grounds absorb water, so you will not get exactly the same amount of coffee out as water in!

Coffee:Water Ratio Websites

You can also use the Coffee to Water Calculator here to help you do the math. You can also use this website for calculation amount of needed water.

Coffee to Water Calculator

I typically use an electronic kitchen scale and cooking thermometer to measure both the coffee, the temps, and the water used. It helps a lot to standardize my coffee brewing! And don’t forget to experiment with the amounts of coffee used. I typically eyeball the coffee in the dripper to determine how much water can still go through.

Tip For Coffee Drippers and Manual Methods

If you’re using another way to make coffee, I suggest you have a little extra water on hand to add while brewing. With espresso makers, stovetop devices, etc. you’re already dealing with fixed inputs, so disregard that advice!

Good luck!

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