HARIO V60 Coffee Maker: Spotted in Taipei

By | November 26, 2019

PurelyCoffeeBeans knows that visiting Starbucks recently is not something I do a lot of; but I was surprised to see a Hario V60 Coffee Maker in the display shelf. It intrigued me because it didn’t just look like another regular electric drip coffee maker. Closer inspection confirmed this.
Most coffee shops these days use semi-automatic or automatic coffee makers but for most coffee afficionados, the drip coffee maker allows gentler flavors to emerge, with better extraction and slower filtering of the water through the grounds.

Hario, of course, is well known for its range of manual coffee equipment, particularly its well-made coffee filters & cones. I was surprised to see this ‘automated version’.

HARIO V60 coffee maker: Automatic + Hand Drip


While you can definitely get the machine in the States, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of Youtube Videos for this machine! I’ve included a Japanese version… and he demonstrated clearly how to use the machine.

Slightly slower than a regular machine, the device pumps out water at constant high temperature (not hot enough to scald!) through 21 holes in the dripper unit. As a result, all the coffee powder is properly exposed to the hot water, instead of filtering just through the center.

The only downside I can see to ordering this machine is the manual came in Japanese, and the hot pot looks a tad finicky to clean. If you’re a perfectionist and like the pour over method, this is a very good substitute. In the end, if you decide to pour the water over manually, that’s possible, too!

At Reddit BrewOnABudget talks about how to brew coffee in his Hario V60 system. It’s a a good first step, and the rest of the discussion is pretty informative.

Brewing Multiple Cups – Hario V60 from Coffee

I’d like to try the Hario V60 Coffee King Coffee Maker … I think it’s an interesting machine, great for perfectionists… but the rest of us, perhaps not so much! You can check out the Vario V60 products below to see if it’s a good fit for your lifestyle…

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