Guest Articles Guidelines

#1 Please aim for 850~950 words in length. All short articles (ie. less than 300 words) have been removed or merged or upgraded. The same thing will happen to the 30+ articles still less than 900 words in 2020.

#2 Content must be relevant and interesting I will start to curate articles for quality control, which means those that get traction will be improved, extended and updated; for those that don’t, they will get set to ‘draft’ awaiting a 2nd chance. As you must realize, curating my articles means that I can’t have a large number of articles… I’d rather manage a suite of focused articles.

#3 Article must fit into the current arrangement. I haven’t read your article, so I can only say: please make sure it integrates with one of the main categories on the site. Otherwise the lack of internal linking means the article may simply not gain an audience.