Three Reasons to Buy a Gold Coffee Filter

By | January 14, 2016

Wouldn’t it be great to have a real gold coffee filter instead of that plastic mesh that sags, has a faintly plastic smell, and just looks ugly in your new drip coffee maker?

Very few of us would use it for what it is intended for but lock it away in a safe deposit box in case of financial emergency!

(Un~!)Fortunately, these gold-plated coffee filters aren’t really made of gold but are gold toned, closely woven metal coffee filters that have a lot of advantages when you are making a cup of coffee.

goldcoffeefilter-photoThe REAL Gold Coffee Filter

A gold coffee filter is actually stainless steel mesh that has been gold plated. In Switzerland you can get a filter made of 23-carat gold but very few of us can afford those these days!

The main advantage of a gold coffee filter is not having the taste of a paper filter in your coffee.

Many of us have probably never tasted brewed coffee that hasn’t dripped through a paper filter but once you have, you’ll never want to brew your coffee with one again.

Paper VS Gold

Paper filters are made from the fibers of trees and usually are bleached to achieve their pristine white color. Some are made with additives such as latex but whether or not your paper filters have ingredients other than wood, you are contributing flavors to your coffee that it was never meant to have.

And Gold in Your Pocket!

For the frugal among us, a gold coffee filter is a money saver. These filters can last for years if you take care of them, compared to $1-2 for a pack of 50 paper filters. That’s about $10 a year for the average coffee drinker; a gold coffee filter will last for several years and cost about the same as one year’s worth of paper filters.

Flavors in Your Cup

While paper filters absorb the oil from the coffee grounds, a gold coffee filter allows the oil into the finished brew. The coffee bean isn’t what gives coffee its flavor, the flavor comes from the oils contained in the bean.

When the full flavor of the ground coffee is allowed into the pot you get all the complex flavors that have been grown into the beans. While the fine mesh of the gold coffee filter prevents grounds from falling into the brew it also allows all of the flavor from the coffee to come through.

Beneficial for the environment, too!

Gold coffee filters might sound like a lot more trouble than just throwing a paper filter into the trash bin but they’re really not. You’ll have to empty the grounds, of course, but after that a quick rinse under the faucet will clean the filter and you can even put it in a dishwasher. A good cleaning once a week will keep it looking and operating like new.

Environmentalists favor gold coffee filters because they save trees from being turned into paper. Plus, rather than throwing the coffee grounds away they often dry and save them to enrich the soil in their gardens or for their houseplants.

Could it be healthier for you?

If you use paper filters, many of the white paper filters have been bleached and may include other paper-related chemicals. I have used paper filters for most of my coffee drinking life, and I must say that I do prefer the gold filter for the fact that it doesn’t absorb the essential coffee oils & flavors.

It also doesn’t release harmful dioxins that may reside in white or bleached paper, and won’t impair the coffee’s original flavors. A gold coffee filter truly enhances the flavor of your coffee by allowing all the subtle nuances into the brew. You can get them for any type of coffee maker and once you taste the difference you will probably prefer them over paper filters.

A personal note

When I bought my previous drip coffee pots, I made sure that I also had a standard gold filter included. Unfortunately, my recent replacement machine (bought because I carelessly dropped the glass jug!) only has a plastic filter, and I’ve not been able to find a reasonable replacement yet as drip coffee makers seem to be becoming rarer and lower quality here.

And there’s one reason to prefer a gold filter over any paper drip filter any day…

The Morning Nightmare!

Let me explain: It’s 7:15am… you’re up late, and hurrying to get ready. Your coffee? Oh, yes. You run to the kitchen, set up the pot, grind the coffee and reach into the coffee filter bag, where … to your horror…

You find that there are NO paper filters left at all. Your other half used them for the dinner party last night and didn’t tell you! So now, you’re really cranky! As I am when I haven’t had my morning coffee!

What do you do? Use kitchen towel or toilet roll? Actually, I’ve been there. Neither works at all, and you’ll have just a soggy mess! Reach into the garbage disposal… Let’s not go there.


Simple: buy a good quality gold coffee filter, and you simply have to rinse your gold coffee filter each time and you’re ready to go! Problem averted! Your coffee, and morning, are saved!