Discovering French Drip Coffee

By | May 23, 2015

French drip coffee is typically what you will be served when you travel to the southern states. You will find that this thick, rich drip coffee tends to grow on you. It is traditionally served with both milk and sugar, but some like it straight up.

What is French Drip Style Coffee?


French Drip Coffee Pot

Although similar to percolator coffee, French drip coffee is in a class all of its own, just ask anyone from Louisiana.

Percolated coffee is continually agitated with hot water until you stop the process.

Using these manual drip coffee makers, French style drip coffee is allowed to sit and steep undisturbed until the coffee is nice and strong.

The preparation is similar to traditional drip coffee, but with the manual drip method, the coffee is steeped in hot water for much longer resulting in a thicker, much stronger cup of coffee.

How to make French type drip coffee: step-by-step

Although this type of coffee making is a drip type of coffee, the grounds are suspended above the water, undisturbed, allowing the water to percolate through the filter grid to the bottom of the French pot.

The temperature of the water is important for a nice, strong brew. Begin by heating your filtered water to a boil, in a kettle, then allow the water it set just a moment, bringing it down just a degree or three.

You will need a traditional French drip pot, this particular type of manual drip coffee makers make coffee right on the stovetop, so you won’t need electricity to brew your coffee.

With your grounds in place in the coffee basket fitted with the compression rammer, slowly pour the hot water over the filter basket. Do not rush this step. Slow and steady is your best bet for a rich, flavorful coffee.

Allow your brew to steep for a minimum of 5 minutes, longer is better, and then make certain that the rammer is compressed all the way (this will insure a thick cup of coffee) pour out your first cup and enjoy.

The coffee will pour back through the grounds, but there is no worry that you will find any errant grounds in your cup, as long as the rammer and filter basket are securely in place before you begin to pour.

First Timers’ Reactions

Many people who first experience this unique type of coffee in a local restaurant never go back to their old methods of making coffee. And they will tell you it is just a coffee you need to taste for yourself to understand why.

It’s difficult to find an authentic French Press Pot these days … but occasionally you can pick up one of these beauties right on eBay, for a price.

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Written by Chris & Betty Zeigler