Costco Coffee Discussion: Is Costco Coffee Any Good?

By | June 8, 2018

There is a fascinating discussion over at FrugalWoods over the benefits / price of Costco Coffee.


Some Panama Geish Coffee

It’s really worth a read, if you’re trying to economize (let’s face it! Not everyone – self, included – has the means to purchase fresh bags of Panama Geisha every week!

Here’s my comment on their discussion entitled “Is Costco Coffee Any Good? We Bravely Discover”.

I’ve noticed over the years that Costco has a rotation of coffee beans that it sells in-store. It’s more than likely due to the seasonality of the coffee beans themselves, I’ve loved buying the various blends from Guatemala, Rwanda, Sumatra, Colombia, PNG, etc. but I also found them selling different blends, too. And the price points are similar.

Although what seems to be expensive are the Starbucks own brands they occasionally sell. Of course, you’ll notice that the roasting point of all the blends tends to the medium or medium~dark to dark roast. If you prefer lighter roasts, like Starbucks ‘blonde’ or cinnamon roasts, you really have to look elsewhere. And it can get a little tedious drinking the same coffee blend FOREVER, esp. if the beans are ‘past’ their best.

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