Reader’s Questions: Why does my coffee machine keep flooding?

By | November 4, 2015

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Why Does My Coffee Machine Keeps Flooding?

by Ian McCall Paisley, Scotland

Russell Hobbs Satin Take 2 Series #10881

Russell Hobbs Satin Take 2 Series #10881

I have the Russell Hobbs Satin Take 2 Series with the double cup! But I would love to know …

… why my coffee machine “Take 2 model #10881” keeps flooding all over the tray and my worktop?

It’s seriously annoying, messy and inconvenient!


This machine proves to be an attractive design, very practical & convenient for domestic use. But as you noted, it is prone to leaking all over the worktop. I suspect that there are different possible reasons for this.

So let’s see if we can’t diagnose the problem.

Step 1: What color is the liquid on your counter? If it’s clear, then water might be leaking from the water tank at the back or from the dripper before the water hits the coffee. If it’s coffee colored, then it might be leaking from the chamber that holds the coffee grounds or from the dripper unit. It could also be leaking from the cups themselves.

Step 2: When you see the liquid on the counter, what part of the machine seems wet? Is it the coffee chamber or the hot plate? If it’s the coffee chamber, check to see that there isn’t a crack in the unit. If there isn’t, then check to see if the coffee filter you placed in hasn’t allowed coffee & grounds to flow out.

Sometimes the overflow will allow grounds to get into the dripper and block the flow of water. This results in a huge mess usually, if it’s not discovered early enough.

Step 3: If everything up top looks okay, then take a look at the dripping unit. Your device is unusual in that coffee flows into two, not one, jugs. Look carefully and see if the unit has any hidden cracks in the top. Some users have reported that the coffee maker distributes coffee unevenly (due to blockages?) to each cup. This could result in a cup overflow problem.

Step 4: The last possibility is the cups aren’t aligned properly with the coffee flow, leaving coffee to drip (or pour) between the cups, and on to the warm plates. This would also mean that the bottom of your cups will be dirty, and could stain your clothes, bag or car!

General Advice: I would suggest that you run a mug of water through the system to check that the water flow is even. Just don’t add coffee. Then if you notice a problem, make sure that the unit is cleaned. Those finer coffee grounds can get just about anywhere in the machine.

Keeping your coffee maker in top shape will result in better coffee, cleaner machines & more efficient processing.

Oh, and a last tip: If you live in an area with water that has a lot of sediment (‘hard water’), then you may find that the furring from the deposits could be the reason it’s getting blocked.

Since this entire design (not just the model) seems to have been discontinued by Russell Hobs, replacing it might be the best option, especially if the warranty has expired. You will probably have to buy a different brand.

If you have had experience with messy coffee makers, how did you fix the problem? What advice do you have to share? And if you’d like to drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you!