Disgusting: Why are there still coffee grains left in a K-Cup after use?

By | March 15, 2020

Why are there still coffee grains left in a K-Cup after use?

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Answer by PurelyCoffeeBeans.com:

The coffee made in a brewer (like a drip coffee maker, espresso machine, Keurig) is used to extract the liquid. The coffee powder left isn’t like instant coffee. It can’t be dissolved by the hot water because the grains are too big for that (though Starbucks seems to have perfected micro-grinding for its own Via coffee), and won’t be included in your drink so your drink doesn’t taste ‘gritty’. This is normal for most coffee drinks.

If you want to try gritty coffee, just order a jug of French press when you’re in a restaurant, once you drink it, you can then pour the last of the coffee from the jug, you’ll see solids in your coffee… and they will taste a little bitter/gritty.

It’s best to leave them at the bottom of the pot or your cup if you notice them. They’ll be a bit unpleasant if you’re expecting a smooth liquid! Don’t worry they’re not bad for you… they just taste bad.

You’ll also notice this phenomenon in Greek and Turkish coffee traditions, where the coffee solids are left at the bottom of cup. It’s a result of how the coffee brew is extracted slowly by heat and stirring. Quite different!

grains in the Turkish coffee

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You can use any remaining coffee grounds to fertilize your garden by composting them… BTW Keurigs are very wasteful of the caps you use, unless you recycle the caps/coffee. More at Quora.

There are several coffee shops and convenience stores around my house where I’ve seen farmers coming by to collect used espresso grounds for composting! What do you do with the old coffee grains? Do you throw, compost, recycle or reuse?

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