Coffee Drip Bags: How to make coffee with ears taste good

By | November 9, 2019

If you’ve traveled in Asia, you’ll notice how coffee drip bags have become quite popular. Even Starbucks in Japan now manufactures several different types with a variety of roasts you can try. Unfortunately, they’re not available in the US market yet, perhaps because Starbucks Via is a bigger seller.

Let me tell you: they taste much better than Via. Much! In this article, I’ll use the Starbucks Origami Personal Coffee System (good name, eh!)

What are coffee drip bags?

I call it the bag with ears because that’s what it looks like! It’s a tiny pouch that is sold in foil sealed bag. It should look like this.

coffee drip bags secrets


The Simple Method is outlined here. But today I’d like to teach the Advanced Method.

What you need


  • A kettle that you can boil a little amount of water
  • A jug of some sort (I’m using one from my drip coffee maker)
  • A cup (duh!)
  • A cooking thermometer
  • A water measure with fresh water for the coffee
  • And a packet of coffee (I’m using Starbucks Caffe Verona which contains 10g of finely ground coffee)
  • I also used additional hot water to warm the coffee pot and the mug.

Let’s make it!

Step 1

When you open it you open the bag, you’ll find a paper pouch that is also sealed.

coffee drip bags secretsThis is the filter paper, filter frame, & coffee grounds. Open the pouch very carefully, don’t use scissors, don’t pull too hard and try really hard not to tear it!

Step 2

Boil the water and add the required amount to the measuring cup. Pour the remainder in the cup to warm it; and into the jug to warm it.

Step 3

Toss out the hot water in the coffee jug, check the coffee hot water isn’t too hot or too cold. I tend to use about 90~95C range. Add this to the jug.

Step 4

Add the coffee grounds to the jug and stir once. Wait about 60 seconds for the infusion process to work.

Step 5

Toss out the hot water in the cup. Then place the empty filter bag & support on the cup and pour the contents of the jug slowly into the filter paper until the jug is empty.

coffee drip bags secrets

Step 6

Tidy up. Add milk & sugar if you need it.

Using Coffee Drip Bags to make coffee

Extra Tips for using these coffee drip bags!

The advantage of this system is that you get a better more flavorful cup of coffee than the simple method.

The minimum additional item you need to do this in a hotel is some kind of jug. You can judge the water amount by eye or cup size in the room.

Just don’t infuse too long because the flavor may change or become too bitter. If it tastes too strong or goes a little cold, you can add some hot water, too. Just don’t add too much.

Remember: the temperature decreases with time so try to keep your equipment warm; add hot water to the final cup, and don’t let it sit too long. Adding cold milk straight from the fridge will cool the drink even more.

Better than instant

It’s way better than instant coffee you find in many hotel bedrooms; and if you can’t bear the hotel coffee in the restaurant, you can finally have your own ‘mini’ coffee bar in your room! After all, not every hotel has a decent coffee shop!

Have you seen these portable coffee filters before? What did you think of them? Have you tried?

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