Coffee Brand Names in 2020 – Check This Shortlist of Popular American Coffee Brands: Part 2 of 5

By | February 20, 2021

Continuing our look at the top coffee brand names in 2020, this post will be shorter than part 1 and continue from #20 to #16. Will there be any surprises…? I don’t know yet…

Top Coffee Brands 2020 (all parts)

In 2020, we’re ranking the top 118 brands of coffee, and creating our own list of Amazon’s Best Coffee Brands:

coffee brand names

Champion’s Estate, Brazilian Yellow Bourbon

What are the top coffee brand names in America today?

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I’m pulling data from Amazon for this, so a lot of assumptions are baked in, including whatever assumptions Amazon makes in its ‘Customer Review’ section. I specified a minimum of 4* plus, though the final data including scores of 3.7* got included. I also specified more than one coffee product had to be included in the basic data to qualify as a full brand.

Data was used on 4/21/2020 ~ 12am. Prices are listed as:

  • $ for under $10 per bag/carton,
  • $$ for between $10 and $20,
  • $$$ for over $20 and under $30
  • over $30 ranks a $$$$!

#20: illy Coffee

Our Coffee Brand Names Review Score: 91%  – Price $$

illy Coffee is one of my favorite imported coffee brands for no other reason than they produce nice coffee, nicely packed. Whether it’s ground or whole bean, illy Coffee really try to impress. They ranked no less than 3 coffee products in the top 25 coffee brands, which is why they were ranked. Surprisingly they also ranked a K-cup product as well as their top choice.

You’ll find a range of products on illy coffee including whole beans, ground coffee, and K-cups and their own branded iperEspresso single serve system (which I’d never heard of). They also sell canned coffee, no idea why. For ground coffee, you’ll find 100% Arabica coffee (Etiopia, Brasile, Colombia, Classico, Forte, Moka). The other coffee undoubtedly includes Robusta, such as their Espresso roasts (like Espresso, Intenso, etc). The K-cups also follow this naming convention.

Their ground coffees are fairly affordable, just squeezing into the $$ category… but the K-cups they sell seem to retail at around $1 per cup on average (so look carefully for deals) and up on several retailers. If you’re a budget consumer, stick with the ground or whole bean coffee to get the best value. If you dote on K-cups, then be prepared to spend a bit more for the additional packing quality.

7Check the price of illy Classico, Medium Roast,
K-Cup for Keurig (10 Count) Pack of 6 on Amazon

You can read more about illy Coffee here.

Entering at #19 we find Kirkland Coffee, one of my favorite brands that I’ve bought countless times. In some ways, I’m quite surprised since Kirkland coffee is primarily sold at Costco outlets. But you can find it on Amazon where it sells quite well, because it’s membership-free to buy and it has a good quality/price ratio.

What surprised me was how many products from Kirkland sell on Amazon’s top 25. I found over 10 separate products which covered mostly its whole bean coffee products rather than the K-cups: Colombian coffee, Colombian Supremo, Dark Roast, House Decaf, Medium Roast, and finally its Pacific Bold K-cups (not available in any other format).

I won’t go into any more detail about Kirkland coffee, because I have a major page that details all of their whole bean coffee products. I’m still working on the K-cups. But this is a brand that is outstanding in its quality and range. The bulk sizes tend to push up the dollar costs, but it really is a massive deal if you can use it all. I typically buy one can of this coffee, because it takes so long to use it!


Check the price of the Kirkland Signature
Colombian Coffee Supremo Bean Dark Roast-Fine Grind
(2-pack) on Amazon

Don’t be overawed by Kirkland Coffee, it really does offer good quality beans at great prices.

#18: Jacobs Kronung Coffee

Our Coffee Brand Names: 94.8%  – Price $~$$

Jacobs Kronung is another imported coffee from the same owners as Douwe Egberts. I was surprised to see another European entry in the top #25 coffee brand names, but there we are. Jacobs sported 7 entries in total, but five were for the same product in different sizes from single packs of 500g (about 1.1lbs) to a 12 pack (13.2lbs of coffee!!!). Someone somewhere is gobbing down this brand. I also discovered that “Kronung” in German translates as coronation.

Jacobs Kronung Ground Coffee was followed far behind by Jacobs Kronung’s Entkoffeiniert Decaf Ground Coffee and Balance Ground Coffee. All come in the same size packs of 500g. Now the Balance Ground Coffee is the equivalent of 1/2 decaffeinated – 1/2 regular coffee. A nice touch if you want to cut down your caffeine but still prefer that ‘kick’. It won’t be exactly 50% reduction, but close enough. 

In Europe, there are a few other varieties available. Check out our article on Jacobs Coffee here in the section at the bottom on Jacob’s coffee. One day, I’ll upgrade it to a full page, I guess. Overall, Jacobs Kronung coffee offers a good deal with the 10% larger packs, the virtue of being sized as a metric! I’m adding ‘$$’ simply because the unit cost can sometimes be a little more. But if you’re buying 12-packs, you probably already know how to economize.


Check the price of the Jacobs Kronung Coffee on Amazon

A little bit of ‘European’ flair at decent prices.

#17 Community Coffee

Our Coffee Brand Names: 95.8%  – Price $~$$

Community Coffee’s bright red packaging is quite unusual. One other brand uses red (Eight O’clock Coffee) but the design and ethos of this company are intended to attract both loyal customers and those who like its values: wholesome, American, patriotic, etc.. Its values ref

Founded in 1923 by Norman “Cap” Saurage in Baton Rouge, Louisisana, this coffee roaster roasts beans grown in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. It is still a family-owned coffee business, but has expanded distribution throughout 22 South Eastern states. It’s now opened coffee shops in many locations, and plans on expanding distribution through many other channels. Over 100 years old, and still expanding, this company has remained privately held.

Their prices range from truly affordable to quite affordable.  You’ll find a wide array of roasts and blends in its products from whole beans to ground to K-cups. They even roast 2x blends of 100% Arabica coffee with twice the level of caffeine. You’ll find the biggest choice in ground coffee, though. Their top selling products in our report are eeither their breakfast blends or their dark roast.


Check the price of the
Community Coffee Signature Blend Dark Roast
Premium Ground (4-pack) on Amazon

You can check their full range on CommunityCoffee.

#16 Bullet Proof Coffee

Our Coffee Brand Names: 88%  – Price $$

Bullet Proof Coffee was all the rage a five or six years ago, and it made it into the 2020 brands on Amazon with a couple of products that seem to be just coffee! Quick recap: a faddish diet product made with coffee, butter and coconut oil that made rather dubious claims but many people swore by. Now I’ve never tried it … perhaps because I suspect a high fat diet isn’t all that Dave Asprey claims.

The pricing isn’t ridiculous, but our brand score isn’t impressive by any means. It comes in 6th from bottom out of 25 brands with only 2 products, which is surprising since its peers are all mass-market brands at lower price points. Perhaps including it as a regular coffee brand is a mistake, given its health claims and the typical poor quallity of other ‘health’ coffee… can any ‘ganoderma’ and coffee and not laugh?

So the coffee: Bullet Proof’s store on Amazon sells a range of health products, not just coffee. You’ll find key products dripping with names like “Mentalist”, “Luminate”, “Kick”… all with the same focus on being “cleaner”, “toxin tested”, and “certified”. It’s unlikely I’ll be drinking this any time soon!

Well, Bullet Proof’s prime product is in fact its “Original Ground Coffee Premium Medium Roast Gourmet Organic Beans Rainforest Alliance Certified Perfect for Keto Diet Upgraded Clean Coffee“. Quite a mouthful to say between gulps of your Butter Coffee… in fact, you’d quite likely be finished your drink before you got to the end of the product name.

They try to hit all the right buzzwords with the ‘in’ crowd. Its top product is offered as clear upsell “premium”, “gourmet”, “perfect”, “upgraded” “Rainforest Alliance”, “Keto”, “Clean”. In reality, it’s medium grade, unexceptional coffee at a marked up price because of the ‘health perception‘.


Check the price of the
BulletProof Coffee Medium Roast
on Amazon

Maybe you’ll find BulletProof Coffee tasty and helpful for you.  If you enjoy good coffee, you may be disappointed.

So that’s it for this week. Next week, we’ll take a look at #16~11 coffee brand names where we’ll see some regular brands and one or two newcomers!

What are the best coffee brands, find out here!

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