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This coffee beans blog is my personal account of my search for Purely Coffee Beans in unfamiliar stores, coffee shops and traditions! From the first time I experienced Cappuccino to my love of Monsoon Malabar, it’s ‘bean’ a true coffee journey!

Tim Fox says “Welcome to Purely Coffee Beans!” I will also share with you coffee reviews, coffee photos, coffee stories, and coffee updates! To accommodate these different needs, I’ve placed two sections in this blog.

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Choosing an Espresso Coffee Maker

PurelyCoffeeBeans knows there are so many different models of espresso coffee maker on the market, from the simple single cup espresso makers to machines as sophisticated as the Elektra Espresso Machine. It can appear really confusing to know which particular brand and model will suit your particular home or kitchen. Let’s See a “Good” Espresso Maker! Essentially, though,… Read More »

The Gentle Art of Grinding and Brewing Third Wave Coffee in Taipei

Enjoy Grinding and Brewing Third Wave Coffee! Part 2 of Needing a Jolt of Coffee This article carries on from the recent article, called Needing a Jolt of Coffee Part 1 published a couple of days ago. PurelyCoffeeBeans reckons if you’re interested in grinding and brewing third wave coffee right at home, fret not. For the most part,… Read More »

Kirkland Local Origins: Nicaraguan Select Lots & Organic Peru

PurelyCoffeeBeans visited Costco here in Taiwan just before Chinese New Year, and noted that they were selling several new Kirkland Local Origins coffees that I hadn’t ever seen before. In fact, a Reddit sub-thread mentioned that the Nicaraguan Coffee was being stocked in their store. I was in San Diego last week and was visiting a Costco in… Read More »

I have a Tim Hortons Coffee Maker and the coffee is not very hot.

—- I have a Tim Hortons Coffee Maker and the coffee is not very hot! What can I do? Thanks, Lukewarm Coffee in US of A! Dear Lukewarm in US of A! This is a serious issue with some coffee makers, but the only thing you can do is use a coffee thermometer and test the water as it… Read More »

How much water for 100 grams of coffee? Let’s Answer Soh’s Question

This post, we’ll be answering Soh’s question: “How much water for 100 grams of fine ground coffee powder?” Read below… — — I need to know how much water for 100 grams of coffee? by Soh from Singapore How much water should I use for 100 grams of fine ground coffee powder? Thank you Everybody loves their coffee made… Read More »