PCB’s Coffee FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

This coffee faq page will provide answers to questions that I cannot answer in other ways, and to provide further information for queries readers might have.

I’d like to order some coffee from you…

The contact page is not an order form

I cannot take orders directly on this site. So if you are trying to buy something from me, I apologize first and foremost. If you are desperate to buy decent coffee beans, you may check out my affiliated coffee bean store instead.

I’m a business/coffee shop/event organizer…

If you are looking for coffee supplies for a business (beans, equipment, etc.) or you are offering coffee related services, or supply coffee makers, please indicate in the contact form or drop me a line in the meantime.

I’m building a database of interested coffee industry business-to-business contacts (suppliers, growers, roasters, coffee shops, and other potential contacts), and I will add you to the directory (free!). I will forward the directory to your email address as well in PDF format every few months. I can help put you in contact with other providers & requesters.

However, I do not ship currently ship products outside of the US market. If you are interested in purchasing a volume of product(s) for shipping outside of my primary market, you will need to specify the product in your contact mail. Expect to provide clear details on product, shipping, pricing and payment method.

Only cleared funds can be used to purchase. No shipping of products will be carried out until funds are cleared. If you have already done business with PurelyCoffeeBeans.com previously, then we can discuss these terms. And no, I won’t be traveling to Dubai or anywhere to meet you, if you’ve never made a purchase of a product here or provided clear details & contracts.

Can I reprint some or all of your articles in my newsletter/website/etc?

Not without specific permission from me. All articles on this site are copyrighted by me with all rights reserved. You may not reprint or republish these articles anywhere without first receiving permission to do so.

You will need to be able to answer these questions before I will consider the request:

“Could you please tell me more about your newsletter, first…

  • … what article/page would you like to reprint?… what kind of newsletter/website is it? (do you have a sample I can see..?)
  • … is it available electronically? (email… website… or a print publication?)
  • … what kind of distribution does it have…? customers? B2B customers…?
  • … how much of the page will you be intending to reprint?
  • … what kind of byline/authorship are you intending?
  • … if you are editing the article, I will need to approve the final copy, and that is the copy that I will permit ONLY.

When I understand more and have some kind of profile for your newsletter/email/etc., I’ll be able to tell you the answer!”

I will consider specific requests only. If you have already published an article of mine (WITHOUT PERMISSION), I will request that the article be removed with a DMCA request to you or to your hosting company or to relevant authorities.

How can I submit something to this coffee FAQ?