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Choose Your Next Coffee Bean Grinders: Tips and Types for Grinding

Those coffee bean grinders in the supermarket are very tempting, right? If you buy your coffee in the bulk coffee bags, you will likely have the beans ground there, too. And it’s reasonable: their coffee grinder is more powerful and flexible. And the likelihood is their grinder is superior in the quality and standards of the grinding process itself. But… Read More »

Precision Coffee Grinder: Better Grind, More Flavor

If you’ve ever ground coffee by machine, you’ll know that get the right settings is tricky. If you’ve done it by hand, it’s mostly guesswork and the accuracy is ‘crude’ to say the least. Enter the “Precision Coffee Grinder”. One KickStarter Project has made hand grinding the preferred option with their new HandGround Mill that achieves 20 levels… Read More »

Sumatra Coffee is worth the cup: Let me introduce you to Sumatran Coffee

Sumatra Coffee is one of the best known Indonesian coffees, and can be found in many popular coffee brands these days, including Starbucks, Kirkland, and many other premium and international brands. Drinking a cup of Sumatran Coffee is one of the best coffee experiences available, as any true coffee lover already knows. Sumatran coffee beans typically produce a… Read More »