Unboxing my new Capresso Infinity Grinder

By | October 15, 2019

Last week I bought a new coffee grinder. I can’t say that I’d grown tired of my trusty hand grinder… but if you’ve ever tried to use it to grind coffee first thing in the morning… you’ll know what I’m talking about! Eyes closed, fumbling for the beans, grinding to do this…


So I’d like to introduce my trusty new coffee companion, the Capresso Infinity Grinder. I would like to apologize for no video. I did try to shoot a video, but as anyone will tell you, fighting with a box to get the contents out and holding a camera are mutually exclusive activities!

Now, don’t be shy! There you are!

The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder


Sitting Pretty

Opening the box, reveals the usual polystyrene foam covers and instruction manuals. I turned over the instruction manual to make it look better!


Just opened: What’s inside?

On the left top you’ll see the coffee ground container with a ‘push’ notice. Yes,  you really have to push to get it out! On the right, you’ll see the main hopper in with a branding & logo inside, easily removable.

At the bottom you’ll see the … drum roll… main coffee grinding unit without a cable. I was worried that there wasn’t any only to find it neatly tucked into the main unit. The other thing that surprised me: the unit is quite small and quite heavy compared to the manual grinder I had.


On Display @ pre-assembly stage


There was an additional mini-coffee brush to clean out the burrs (shown below on the right, next to the 10g coffee spoon, and yellow notes).

If you buy one of these units, read the yellow reminder/instruction paper and take the step of fitting the hopper on to the base unit. If it doesn’t seem to go, try again… be very gentle. The plastic unit is strong but brittle… it will break easy if you force it.

The key is lining up the dots on the right! Line them up, push gently down and it will clip into the body, then turn clockwise (gently) to align the black dot with the coffee grinding levels. I centered it here.


Assembly is easy, everything is included (except coffee). Ready to use. Off I go to make some coffee!

Getting started with your Capresso Burr Grinder

It’s pretty easy to use: just twist the timer clockwise as it starts the grinder. I estimate at a medium setting, one marking equates to about 10-12g of coffee… I’ll let you know the inside stuff after using it for a week.

So that’s it for unboxing my new toy. Have you bought a coffee grinder? How did it turn out?

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