Can the Cafflano coffee maker make your coffee even more portable?

By | November 12, 2019

Oh! That is embarrassing, like PurelyCoffeeBeans was about to say…

I thought Cafflano was Caffiano! Whoops!

I was in the local Sogo department store here in Taipei. There is a little shop that stocks interesting and unique products from Japan and other parts of East Asia called Hands Tailung. Lo! And behold the Cafflano coffee maker!

It’s the middle of Chinese New Year, and very busy, still I managed to find a great coffee product that is perfect for your picnic or business trip.

At first glance, it looks like a large coffee travel cup, but once you open it, you realize it’s almost a complete system for measuring, grinding, and making the perfect cup of coffee.

Let’s take a look at the image below. The stand features the exploded view: a measuring cup on top, the grinder is in the middle, the filter cone is the light gray insert and the black base is the mug. Simple, elegant.

I’m not exactly sure what the meaning of the ‘drip kettle’ refers to, but the hand mill is an effective little grinder. Once you grind the coffee, the coffee falls into the dripper. Just add hot water, and wait a little. Voila!

The grinding unit has a folding handle that fits inside the case. Neat! You’ll be able to grind upto 30 grams, enough for a decent strong cuppa, if the hotel coffee isn’t upto scratch. More pictures here…

What people say about the Cafflano All in One Coffee Maker: in short, the Cafflano is great for portability a true one-stop coffee station from bean to fresh coffee. It is ideal in your tent, hotel or on the go. However, it’s portability is flawed in one way: it leaks, so I recommend that you make the coffee, drink the coffee, then clean it out.

If you’re looking for portable cups, this is not the one! That being said, it beats hands down any other coffee maker you’ll find in a myriad of hotel rooms and restaurants! So if you’re desperate, can’t bear the hotel coffee, or just need a familiar routine while on your business travels, you won’t go wrong with this coffee maker!

If you’re interested in other Cafflano products, like the Cafflano Kompresso and the Cafflano Kompact, check out their website at You can find out more reviews, prices and order information at Amazon where it’s on sale…

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