Tips to Save Your Money & Time with Bulk Coffee Buying

By | June 10, 2015

Should you buy bulk coffee beans in large bags? There are times as a serious coffee drinker you wonder if you could save a little bit of money by buying bulk coffee.

“Can it be done?” You ask.

bulkcoffeebeansBut that’s not the only way you can have freshly ground coffee every day and still save money as well.It’s easy, really! For example, if you’re a member of one of the large warehouse stores (like Costco), you should be able to save money by buying their own coffee brands in store.

There are other cost-effective methods to ‘have your coffee and drink it’ in the long run. As well as saving you money, you’ll have some of the best coffee beans cup of coffee you can get anywhere!

Unroasted Beans #1

The best way to buy bulk coffee is to confine yourself to unroasted beans, commonly called green beans. If you want all of the flavor your beans can give, it’s essential that you buy them before they are roasted.

Green beans can keep a much longer time than any roasted beans or ground coffee, and they will retain their flavor well for about 2 years. So proper storage is important otherwise the beans will be damaged.

Roasting Your Beans

The roasting process extracts the natural oils from the beans; the oils are what give the coffee its flavor. Roasted coffee beans are only good for a few days because the oils evaporate or can even go rancid if improperly stored.

Are you ready to roast your own beans? It’s not difficult; you just have to choose the right roaster. A fluid bed roaster is the least expensive and easiest to use. They are rather like a hot air popcorn maker!

You choose the roast setting and the machine does the rest. A drum roaster is the type used by commercial roasters and you have to keep an eye on the beans to be sure they don’t burn; your nose will tell you when they are done.

Ready Roasted

If you prefer to buy your beans already roasted, make sure that they are not chipped or splintered. Ask the clerk when the beans were roasted or look on the bottom of the bag if you’re in the supermarket.

Once you find freshly roasted beans, be sure to store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place. Vacuum sealing your roasted bulk beans is an ideal way to preserve them.

Open and use

If you buy bulk coffee that is ready roasted, then opening a larger bag means that you should really use the coffee beans as quickly as possible, or the air will begin to turn the beans’ flavor. By the time you get to the bottom of the bag, the flavor will be gone.

Estimate your usage

Once you’ve bought several times and noted usage patterns, you will be in a much better position to assess how much coffee you or your office or family can consume in a given time frame. Try to use a larger bag within two weeks if you can, once opened. And always, always store properly.

Buy larger pallets

One option to consume roasted coffee beans is to buy larger pallets of smaller packs, making it easy to use up an entire pack within a short time. Though you will probably pay more, you will find that the coffee is just fresher. So, buy 24 bags of Espresso Roast 1/2lb units rather than 12 bags of Espresso Roast 1lb bags. Sound weird? Not really.

In fact, buying large packs of small amounts of coffee is perhaps the best way to maintain freshness, and is largely responsible for the coffee pods craze. Otherwise, if you are regularly brewing large amounts of coffee for a larger office or family, you’ll find that bulk purchasing of coffee beans offers the most affordable way to enjoy quality coffee in your cup!

Buy Beans not Grounds

If you’ve just been reading my article on my new burr coffee grinder, you’ll know that I like to grind just prior to making coffee. In fact, if you’re buying coffee beans, you’ll be pleased to note that they do keep better than the ground coffee you might otherwise consume.

Many coffeehouses will grind your coffee for you, and one of the first things the barista will tell you is to consume your coffee soon. That’s not just because they want you to come back… it’s because the actual coffee grounds deteriorate quite quickly due to moisture, air, heat and sunlight.

Do it right! Grind it!

In short, store your coffee beans well, grind right before use, and don’t buy so much that you’re still using them up 5 years later. By giving it a little thought, you can find ways to save money and have the best tasting cup of coffee regularly and often! You can even share this treat with your office workers or family! You may also want to read the article about buying coffee beans.

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