PurelyCoffeeBeans 2020 Coffee Calendar – Free Download

By | November 27, 2019

Last few days… After December 9th @ 23:59:59. It’s only available for purchase. US$9.99 plus P&P!

That’s right! PurelyCoffeeBeans reckons you will love the recently made 2020 coffee calendar. You can check it out in the PDF embedded below. If you like, please feel free to download it, and print it out! I suggest you print out each page month by month and hang it above your coffee maker for coffee inspiration!

Each month features a unique coffee picture with a coffee of the month! I struggled hard to find different coffees that were alliterative with the name of the month, as well as being seasonally appropriate AND existed in my library of coffee photos. That was hard. There were rather a few lattes* in the year, though I managed to keep the coffee calendar to about 3 lattes in total. I hope you enjoy!

  • January Java – Java Coffee Beans, dark roasted.
  • February Flat White – February’s coffee is a Flat White from Down Under.
  • March Americano – Straight Americano (Tall) served with 20cc cold milk & Lemon Puff filled with cream.
  • April Cappuccino – Creamy Cappuccino with a dreamy whirl of art. Served with a base of strong espresso.
  • May Espresso Macchiato – Strong Flavorful Espresso served with a dash of gently foamed milk to make our Espresso Macchiato.
  • June Caffe Latte* – Freshly made cup of Caffe Latte in a lovely rose-patterned bone china cup
  • July Iced Coffee – Delicious Cold Brewed Iced Coffee served on crushed ice.
  • August Ogawa Coffee – Kyoto’s best Cappuccino Coffee.
  • September Caramel Macchiato – Caramel Latte served in a Beautiful Mug.
  • October Brown Sugar Latte – Brown Sugar Latte served in a Beautiful Mug. Heart Warming.
  • November Latte* – Honey Cinnamon Cappuccino served in a Beautiful Mug. Seasonally Warming.
  • December Doppio – Happy Christmas! Some great Christmas presents ideas for family & friends.

I do owe special thanks to Craig Ferguson for allowing me to use the awesome images of those Java coffee beans in 2015. You can see some of his stunning food photography on his website. Maybe you will even want to hire him for product photography for your coffee shop! I know I would!

If you’d like to buy your own copy of the Coffee Calendar 2020, then please drop me a line via the contact form.

For more information and recipes on to our How To Make Coffee Page

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