What decaffeination process does Costco use?

by Jack b
(Wake Forest, NC )

Would like to know what decaffeination process Costo uses for their Kirkland signature brand decaf coffee in the 48 oz. green can?

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Jan 08, 2014
Kirkland Decaffeination Processes
by: Kenneth

OK. I found this statement from Rogers Gourmet Coffee & Co who have been responsible for some of Kirkland's Coffees. They write about their other coffees here...

"At Rogers Family Coffee we still prefer to use an all natural water based process that uses no methylene chloride."

More information: All Natural Decaffeination Processes.

Not sure if that includes the Kirkland Coffees that they roast... but interesting nonetheless.


Aug 28, 2012
Natural or chemical decaffeinated coffee?
by: Anonymous

We had someone answer this question a while ago with some insight into the process. You can find their answer at natural or chemical decaffeinated coffee: Which do you prefer?.

Hope that helps you choose.


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