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This website is built on a superb platform, using the latest technologies to ensure your content & products get in front of, and stay in front of, visitors. Your visitors. Your new & existing customers. 

By taking advantage of the trends in social media (RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), a site like this can increase your profile, your traffic, and your business by connecting your products & services with your potential market. As individuals.

So if you are in the market for a website that can actually help you drive traffic, customers and sales for your coffee & coffee-related products, then let me introduce you to...

Now what are YOU looking for?

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Creating Your Business | Developing Your Site | Other Services

Creating Your Business

Sitesell offers a new, easy & stable environment to create your online business, no matter what niche you want to operate in. With the keywords tools that come bundled, you'll find keywords that focus on your targeted traffic. 

The SiteBuilder App helps you build, craft and develop your pages by focusing on your keyword. You'll find that it's easy to add text, images, social media & all the other bits'n'bobs necessary for your online success.

Then you'll find that there are lots of great tools to help you reach out to your customers to pull them back to your site: newsletters, auto-responders, a site blog, and even mobile site capability.

Ultimately, you will be able to find, build and cement relationships with your customers all through the Sitesell package. It's not 100% complete, but it's the closest thing you can find to starting your new online business

Find out more about how to build your own business from scratch here.

If you're not sure about how to build your online business, then feel free to contact me.

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Developing Your Site

Upgrading to BB2 | FAQs | Purchasing

Sitesell have recently finished upgrading their BB1 site builder to BB2; however, many webmasters still haven't taken the advantage of the new offering. 

And BB2 is quite a revolution.

So much so that I switched three of my sites to BB2 as soon as I could! Even one of those sites was a UYOH type site... ! Take a look at it for yourself.

pagebuilder for SBI3

BB2 just made so much sense. I have now converted a number of sites to BB2, it is hugely better than BB1, doesn't take a lot of time (unless you have a hundred or more pages), and offers all sorts of additional benefits (including Pinterest buttons, image galleries, right column, Mobilize-It, etc.).

So what's keeping you waiting? If you are a sitesell owner, have you upgraded yet? If not, why not? 

Let me help you: I currently offer a BB2 upgrade service: I can convert your remaining pages to BB2, and will work as quickly as I can to help you get done.

FAQs: Simple Questions - Answered

How much does it cost?

The fee structure is simple: US$495 for a site that is up to 200 final pages. In case your site is larger, each additional 100 final pages is $100 more.

How many pages do I have?

Comments (added by C2) don't need conversion, simply using a new theme will be sufficient. The relevant page tally used is available when you login to SBI under Page Manager. 

Choosing a New Theme?

If you haven't already switched to a new theme, I'll help you choose a basic theme that we can then modify. My own preference is for the custom theme with either 2 or 3 columns. It's quicker to modify, but we can use any of the available themes as a starting point.

How do I order your service?

Due to the nature of the proposal and the unique qualities of your site, I'd rather you contact me first via the form below.

Once we're both fine about the process, the pricing & the time schedule; I'll issue you with an invoice via Paypal. 

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Site Services for Webmasters in a Hurry

Currently, I offer five services for existing site owners through Check out my profile and order with confidence.

Site Archive: Just in Case

Back up and store your entire site in a zip archive so that you have a record of your site on your own computer. You can open it and use it as a reference.

Now SBI's servers are pretty stable, and secure... but wouldn't it be nice to know that you have an archive off site that you can reference. Just in case.

Order Your Site Archive for $5.00 only at Fiverr

Keyword Density Report

Get a detailed report on the keyword density of your pages that will help you determine if your pages are over the recommended limit set by the SEs. The report will help you figure out any pages are likely to be problems, and what words you need to remove.

Order Your Keyword Density Report for $5.00 only at Fiverr

Website Spelling Report

The Website Spelling Report is designed to cut through the nitty gritty details of spell checking thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of words on your site. It will cover most typos, slang words, poor spelling... and much more. The final report will help you to target your errors so you can find them quickly, conveniently & get them done.

Order Your Spelling Report for $5.00 only at Fiverr

Outgoing Links Report

Google now frowns on outgoing links. So it's a good idea to check with are still valid, which are broken. This outgoing link report will help you do that! 

Order Outgoing Links Your Report only at Fiverr

Needing Blog Hosting

SBI has long offered the ability to connect your own blog as an integrated part of your site. SBI makes use of the subdomain structure... so a blog could be hosted at 

But most hosting companies like Bluehost just don't get SBI. They don't know the differences, they don't know the jargon. I do.

I offer two services for SBI webmasters looking to add a blog. I can...

Set up a Blog at your hosting | Offer hosting for your blog.

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Set Up Your Own Sitesell Blog with InfinIT

Hosting for your Blog

Customer Testimonials & Feedback

"I'd like to tell everyone just how amazing a job Kenneth's done in so little time. I'm particularly impressed with his header images, which he designed and if you refresh the site or change pages you'll see that it changes every time to another image. He fully migrated the site from BB1 to BB2, sorted out all the HTML problems my site had, fixed my relationship with Google, built the mobile site, integrated my social media channels into the site, created a wonderful right sidebar, gave me a great deal of advice to take the site forward, and generally set me back on the path to motivated productivity again. I can't thank him enough!"

Scott from

“I did enjoy both of these reviews. In fact it was the first time that anybody has reviewed my site and given their honest thoughts and suggestions. These reviews were more helpful than any others and I have already taken one on board with loan store and removed the loan offers from the side menu.”

Joe Kenny from Insure121 dot com

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