Aeropress Coffee Maker: perfect traveling coffee companion

By | September 1, 2014

Since travelling with my Aeropress on multiple opportunities, I’ve found that it has quickly become my go-to coffee maker. The results far exceed even the best hotels’ coffee, and with a little preparation, plus a few simple tools, it really makes travel a whole lot more bearable. Often I packed the necessities of travel: the Aeropress Coffee Maker, a few essential tools, and my chosen coffee for the journey: Cagliari Gran Arabica Caffe (featured) or perhaps Costa Espresso in 1/2 lb can.


Ideal: Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Aeropress Coffee Maker has turned out to be quite a versatile portable coffee maker, but you will need: a decent bag to carry the unit, a clip for closing your coffee bag, and (perhaps) an appropriate sized mug or cup. Oh, and take the Aeropress coffee spoon too, because it measures the coffee far better than any teaspoon you’ll ever find in a hotel room!


Insulated Cups

However you travel, in most hotels you will find a small kettle, a supply of water and some basic cups… No point in saying that the Aeropress coffee you make will be much more satisfying than anything you’ll find in the restaurant, at the breakfast bar, or on order from the Room Menu… Trust me!

Now the reason I mention the mug is that hotels often provide a small-sized teacup that doesn’t quite fit the Aeropress. So why not consider one of thoseinsulated cups that are common to keep your drink warm?

What a Gran Coffee!

The Cagliari Gran Arabica Caffe has turned out to be one of the nicest coffees I have bought! It really makes a great espresso in the Aeropress Coffee Maker.


So on your next trip pack an Aeropress, some coffee and a decent mug! And your friends will be stuck drinking hotel coffee, they’ll all be piling into your room to have some good coffee!

Oh, and did I mention how much you’ll save on your mediocre coffee? Last time I looked, you could buy a bag of coffee for the price of a cup of hot or chilled coffee! Now, how can you expense that? Just keep the receipt and claim it as ‘essential’!