Are You Drinking Too Much Coffee?

By | September 8, 2014

Are we drinking too much coffee? Is decaffeinated actually good for you or not? Does it make you fat?

Have some fun with this quick Q&A, guaranteed to be low in calories.

Many of us start the day (and end the day) with our favorite brew … because we love coffee! We love the aroma, the way we feel energized, we just love it. But …

…how much is too much coffee?

After reading how much Mr. Annapurnaiah Kolluri from the Indian Coffee Board drinks, I realized that there really isn’t such a thing as too much coffee, is there?

Advisers flip back and forth with their highly qualified opinions about how much is too much. And it’s not really about coffee, but rather the caffeine content that we choose to drink (see Caffeine Content found at

There are some surprising caffeine facts that makes people think they are drinking just large amounts of coffee…

Caffeine Fact #1

Espresso has less caffeine per cup than regular cup. But if you find that you are irritable, or feeling nervous (twitchy!), you may want to switch to decaf in the afternoon or early evenings. Even a coffee lover has to slow down sometimes.

Caffeine Fact #2

The ‘strength of the coffee’ as perceived by many drinkers often relates to three factors: the darkness of the roast, the amount of coffee used, and the amount of caffeine in the particular varietal.

Caffeine Fact #3

One surprising fact: darker roasts don’t necessarily contain more caffeine than lighter roasts. Another: Arabica beans are generally lower in caffeine than Robusta beans.

Caffeine Fact #4

Coffee, black or espresso, is a very low calorie food that stimulates the body for a short period after consumption. Typically, the caffeine is processed by the body within an hour or so after consumption, meaning that the effects of a cup of coffee are largely very limited to that initial ‘hit’.

Let’s Have Some Fun!

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Written by Chris & Betty Zeigler