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Coffee Podcast: From My Cup to Yours

Welcome to the PurelyCoffeeBeans Podcast. Episode/Podcast #1 provides Tips, Advice & Help for Making Great Coffee and Espresso-based Drinks. We’ll look at things like: how to make coffee, how to buy coffee beans, grinding coffee, coffee recipes and much more for coffee lovers everywhere! If you’d like to listen to the new Podcast, just click and open this… Read More »

Podcast#1: Welcome to PurelyCoffeeBeans.com

This is the first, and so far, the only episode in the PurelyCoffeeBeans.com Podcast Series! I didn’t use my own voice for this episode… but so far I haven’t plucked up the courage to do my own podcast! Please give me some encouragement for Episode 2: What would you like to hear? Do you have any questions or… Read More »

PurelyCoffeeBeans Podcast #1 Making Espresso

Click the right-pointing arrow to listen to the podcast right now. It will take a few seconds to load, and requires Flash to work. You can also download the full podcast right here… (it’s about 6mb and should take no more than a few minutes on a standard broadband connection). If you like this podcast, why not share it… Read More »