Summary of the Week Coffee Breve: December 8th to 13th 2014

By | December 13, 2014

It’s Chilly! Keep Warm!

Coffee Breve for December 13th, 2014

Fellow coffee addicts, I hope you have had a great week! It’s just a couple of weeks before Christmas, and even in sunny Taiwan the weather has turned sharply colder this past few days! But nothing a hot cup of delicious cappuccino can’t dissipate!

The coffee week that was at PurelyCoffeeBeans

Monday invited a debate about who sold better between a cute fuzzy robot and George Clooney!
Still stuck for gifts for Christmas! You could try buying or making a coffee gift basket.

Our Reader’s question involved what to do with old coffee beans! Turns out quite a lot! I’ve got into hand grinding my  beans these days with a rather nice hand grinder from Hario, but it takes some puff (picture).

Lastly, we get some tips on how to make cappuccino

Coming Up Next Week

Lots more readers’ tips, coffee buying and perhaps a photo of me!

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