Summary of the Week: December 1st to 6th 2014

By | December 6, 2014

I hope you have had a really restful Thanksgiving weekend & a great coffee week! In this post, we’ll include a summary of each post for the week. So let’s get started keeping you uptodate with what’s bean *ahem* going on!

The coffee week that was at PurelyCoffeeBeans

Cyber Monday came and went here, now is the perfect time to avoid the sales rush of Christmas. It seems many people are avoiding Black Friday offline … wise move, considering the ‘crush’!

This week we consider coffee gifts for close ones with Gourmet Coffee Gifts. I’m looking for some great coffee for our accountant’s gift, who’s been a real trooper these past ten years, it’s likely we’ll be making our own coffee gift pack.

You can revisit the first podcast, and I blog aloud about my shyness to do podcast #2. Perhaps you can encourage me by sharing what you’d like to hear!

November’s results are finally out. It takes a wee while to collate the reports from the advertisers & vendors, … they’re always a little behind Google and Media.Net. Seems we improved a little since September! Find out how in November’s results.

Ever had a flooding coffee machine? I have, sometimes the cause comes down to owner’s care, sometimes to poor design! This time I explore the reasons why a reader’s coffee machine is flooding. If your drip coffee maker floods, some of these tips could help a great deal.

Lastly, we feature something that Christine baked at the weekend: Cinnamon Rolls with Orange Frosting. I was going to pose them with a nice cup of Indian Malabar… but the cinnamon rolls were just too good!

And in the coffee cupboard, we had some Indian Malabar coffee, hand ground & made in a drip coffee maker. It’s worth checking out the Indian coffees, if you can.

Coming Up Next Week

We’ll be looking at another reader’s question, considering the final chapter in our Christmas Gift series, and looking at bakery/coffee shops in Singapore. Stay tuned!

That’s it for the week of December 1st to 6th! If you’d like, sign up for our newsletter on this page or click here to have the latest postings, ideas, tips & recipes! And remember, ‘always drink good coffee!’