Summary of the Week: Coffee Breve: November 24th to 29th, 2014

By | November 29, 2014

We’re moving slowly and surely into Advent! This week’s coffee posting been fun as we try out different posts, complete a cycle of posts and drop a couple of coffee pictures! Let’s get you uptodate with what’s bean *ahem* going on!


Our Monday picture was entitled Cappuccino & Sugar, and was taken at my favorite coffee shop shortly before it closed! I love their coffee, and I enjoy the visual excitement of drinking coffee there! You’ll find several others taken there in the blog!


We finally finished off the series of posts on Saving Money with Amazon, with a look at Amazon Events & Bargains. While the entire series focuses on Amazon, many online retailers employ similar practices!

And Amazon decided to start their Black Friday Sale early, and for the entire week! Who’d have guessed?


If you’re still shopping for gift ideas, then Wednesday’s Coffee Bean Gifts might give you a caffeinated shove in the right direction.


A real coffee cynic writes about his conversion to caffeine in Coffee Cynic Turned Caffeine Addict. Perhaps you shared a similar experience! Why not drop us a line!?


My favorite coffee is the Macchiato, pictured here. Learn how to make one yourself with our comprehensive introduction.

Coming Up Next Week

Next week is December, and the 1st is my birthday! It’s also report day when we can take a look at the results for November, the experiments I tried, and consider December’s calendar! There’ll soon be a new PDF for list members to download!

That’s it for the week of November 24th to November 29th! If you’d like, sign up for our newsletter on this page or click here to have the latest postings, ideas, tips & recipes! And remember, ‘always drink good coffee!’