Soda & Espresso: Only in Scotland!

By | October 21, 2015

If you’ve a hankering for soda and you love espresso (like I do), it probably never occurred to you that you can put the two together! It didn’t for me until I read this story in CityAM.

Barista creates Irn Bru coffee by mixing espresso with Scotland’s favourite drink

This barista just created Irn Bru coffee. Move over deep-fried Mars bars, there’s a new Scottish delicacy in town.


We’ve covered coffee flavored soda before (not nice), but not this creation. Read on, if you dare: “The drink is served as a short shot of espresso with a dash of cold irn bru. It’s really (more), …” Original article is here.

What is IRN BRU?

If you’re not familiar with Irn Bru, it’s a Scots’ favorite and looks like this.


IrnBru500ml” by WikiImprovment78Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

People describe IRN BRU as tasting slightly gingery, sweet… Enjoy the video of a food tourist describing her first reaction to it! It’s got me thinking about flavors

If you can add Irn Bru, I’m guessing other flavors would also be quite complementary to the profile of espresso. Have you ever experimented with your coffee? Share here or on Facebook!

I’m still looking for the recipe on how he did it. No success yet on what kind of espresso he used or how much IRN BRU. In the Scotsman article, he describes it as “a dash of cold irn bru”.

Let you know if I can recreate it!